Chris Craft Shows Off Massive 317.5 Squats Without Belt Or Knee Sleeves

Chris Craft posted a recent video on Instagram where he performed huge squats without much help.

No knee sleeves, no belt, no problem for Chris Craft. When it comes to squats, Craft has always been a bit of a freak. Craft took home the prize during the 2021 United States Powerlifting Association Arkansas Powerlifting competition. On Wednesday, Craft took to Instagram to show that he is still in top shape.

Chris Craft performed a 317.5kg (700lb) squat for a double and did it without wearing knee sleeves or a belt.

Not only did Craft load up the weight on the bar and do it raw, he made it look easy in the process. Craft is forced to pause after each rep because of the weight shaking on the bended bar. This is because of the burst that Craft displayed when performing the lift.

This was not the only lift performed on Wednesday by Craft. He also shared a single rep of 319.8kg (705lb). Craft’s best competition squats was 320kg (705.4lb). It seems as though Craft is heading for some big things in the future.


Chris Craft has been a star in the game for half a decade now. Since 2015, Craft has competed in five sanctioned powerlifting competitions and has won gold in all of them. Craft did not share his bodyweight in his recent Instagram video but it is safe to assume that the weight on the bar was more than double his current weight.

The last three competitions Craft has competed in were the 2019 USPA Rhino Iron Massacre, 2021 Southern Powerlifting Federation (SPF) Proving Ground Classic, and the aforementioned USPA Arkansas Powerlifting Championships. He competed in the 140kg (308lb) weight class during these.

Chris Craft’s caption on his recent video was as simple as it gets. He wrote “700 lbs x 2 #RespectTheDepth”.

“Respect the Depth” is a tribute to a training program created by Craft that is centered around squats. Reading int between the lines of this caption, Craft makes a 700-lb squat seem like nothing and it hints that he might have bigger numbers in mind moving forward.

If social media is any indication, it looks like Chris Craft performs squats in the gym on a daily basis. His Instagram page is loaded with videos performing some massive lifts. More often than not, Craft is performing these lifts without any gear. It is unknown when Craft plans to take the stage again at a competition but when he does, there is a chance that he does something special.

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