Dan Bilzerian Loses Estimated 1 Mil Bet on Cowboy Fight

Noted internet personality and Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian just placed (and lost) a truly epic bid on Cowboy’s fight with Conor at UFC 246.

In case you missed it, the simmering tension leading up to UFC 246 fizzled out into nothing after a left hand strike from McGregor downed Cowboy by technical knockout in the first 40 seconds of the match.¬†The highly anticipated match proved to be something of a letdown for fans looking to see a bloody fight, but nevertheless confirmed that McGregor is still alive and kicking. McGregor previously attributed his loss to Nurmagomedov to “heavy drinking” and said his victory over Cowboy was a better measure of his talents as a fighter.

Count Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian among legions of fans disappointed by the outcome of Saturday’s fight. Dan Bilzerian, a professional poker player known for high-stakes betting, shared a photo with fans over Instagram of the enormous bet he placed on Cowboy to win the fight. You can see the post in full below.

“Puttin some pocket change on @cowboycerrone who y’all got,” Bilzerian captioned the Instagram post that showed him standing nonchalantly next to a folding table stacked with cash.

The bet appears to number in the hundreds of thousands at the very least. However, several outlets have speculated that the bet meets or even exceeds the one million mark. ODDSbible also shared the following video from his story to Twitter, which gives an even better idea of the sheer physical volume of cash that was lost.

Bilzerian took the loss in stride and appeared totally unfazed by the loss of cash. Considering how much money he makes on an annual basis, it’s unlikely to have any serious impact on his quality of life. The accumulated wealth of the privileged in this country is truly repulsive.

“Haha shit, @thenotoriousmma keeps backing it up, much respect,” Bilzerian shared on Instagram after the loss, demonstrating his good spirits in the face of his loss. However, after the match concluded on Saturday evening, Bilzerian took to Twitter to document his initial reaction, which is probably something closer to what you would expect a man who just lost a million dollars to say:

Fans in the comments of Bilzerian’s tweet were quick to point out that many celebrities have donated similar amounts of money to Australian wildfire relief, since the country has been struggling in the worst fire season in generations and experienced a heartbreaking loss of biodiversity. However, the action was perfectly in character for Dan Bilzerian, a playboy poker player who loves posing with mountains of money on social media. Bilzerian is an avid weightlifter who has often identified himself as a fan of strength sports on social media. Bilzerian is also famous for his bizarre, otherworldly ads for his company Ignite CBD, most of which take place a psychedelic dubstep-soaked tropical paradise that would put Fyre Fest to shame.

*All images and media courtesy of Instagram and Twitter.

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