cody mont days out header“The future is here.”

The above quote is the caption for Cody Montgomery’s recent appearance on the cover of Flex magazine. And with the recent posting of his physique 5 days out, it begs the question, is he the future of bodybuilding?

In the recent instagram posting we see a lean, muscular, and striated Cody montgomery looking like he’s having fun and enjoying the process. The young up and comer was born in Anchorage Alaska where he grew up playing everything from soccer to competitive golf. One of his former sports (football), actually led him to bodybuilding as he found that he fell in love with the training more than the sport. By 2010 he hit the stage for his first show at the NPC Dallas Europa Supershow where he won the teen class. Upon accepting his award this is what he had to say ““it just felt right, like it was my calling…from that point on I knew it was what I wanted to pursue in life” – profound words for such a young competitor. Cody has since then competed in a number of professional shows.

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2010 NPC Europa Dallas(1st place Teens)

2011 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic(1st place Teens & 1st place Men’s Middleweight)

2012 NPC Teen Nationals(1st place Light-Heavy Weight, Overall)

2013 NPC Teen Nationals(1st place Light-Heavy Weight, Overall)

2014 NPC Teen & Collegiate Nationals(1st place Teen Heavy weight, Teen Overall, 1st place Collegiate Heavy Weight, Collegiate Overall)

2015 NPC USA Championships(1st place heavyweight(earned IFBB Pro League Status) & Overall(Mr USA)

Despite his past accolades, Cody to a certain degree is still all hype as his first professional showing at this year’s 2016 Arnold classic will determine where he stacks up against the big boys. Although this will be his first professional showing, some people are already picking him in the top 5…or higher. Being one of the few builders to earn a pro card at the tender age of 21, it will be interesting to see if the early start will burn him out or give him a head start. Stay tuned to find out.

5 days. #ProjectRookie @blackstonelabs @flex_magazine @team.montgomery @arnoldsports

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Has Cody Montgomery earned your respect or is the verdict still out? Let us know in the comments and forums. Also, be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.

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