WATCH: Fitness Star Completes 5-Mile Run, 500-Pound Deadlift Challenge

Dane Miller completed a five-mile run and 500-pound deadlift challenge.
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Dane Miller completed a five-mile run with a huge deadlift between each lap.

Fitness coach Dane Miller has taken on many challenges over the course of his career. This includes testing his strength in many ways and he recently added cardiovascular endurance into the mix.

Miller recently took on a five-mile run where he was able to deadlift 500 pounds in-between each mile completed.

This was a challenge that required physical strength, endurance, and longevity. Before he took on the challenge, Miller spoke on how he began running and transforming into the fitness star he is today.

“I used to way 300 pounds. I’d be a little husky bull. I was a collegiate shot putter but one of the cool things shifting from that power-based sport over to endurance and still being strong, is the mind and how comfortable I had to get with being uncomfortable and setting out with some sweet goals.”

Miller began by loading up 500 pounds onto a barbell and leaving it at his starting point on the track. He made sure to keep pace with a nine-minute mile and focused on crushing the deadlift before starting up the next set of laps.

You can see Dane Miller begin to fatigue over the course of this challenge as the later deadlifts were not as simple as the early ones.

“My hamstrings are killing me so I’m hurting pretty bad. Right now, I’ve got no juice in my legs.”

Miller began feeling lightheaded after the fourth deadlift but was able to rally and complete his task at hand. He has successfully completed his goal of going from strength athlete to adding endurance into the mix. He also mentioned how running with his wife has enhanced this process.

While there are many short-term goals that are accomplished on his YouTube page, Miller also has a long-term goal of running a marathon in many places.

“It’s helped me learn more about myself and how to push. Now, I sort of have this crackpot goal of trying to run a marathon on every continent.”


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