The ‘Iranian Hulk’ Is Preparing For Boxing Match Against Martyn Ford By Punching Walls

The ‘Iranian Hulk’ has added some crazy tactics to his training.

We know that Sajad Gharibi, known as the ‘Iranian Hulk,’ is set to take on Martyn Ford in a boxing match on April 2. What you might not know is that Gharibi is taking his training to an entirely new level.

The Iranian Hulk has been sharing videos of himself doing some crazy things in preparation for his fight. This includes smashing watermelons, bending metal, and yes — punching walls. This does not seem like tactics that will help his boxing style but it certainly shows that Gharibi is not afraid and has incredible strength.

Gharibi and Ford could have a name for their fight as well. This is following in the footsteps of Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall. The fight between the two former strongmen has been dubbed the “World’s Strongest Fight.” The bout between Gharibi and Ford can be known as the “World’s Scariest Fight.” This might be why the Iranian Hulk is partaking in some reckless training methods.


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This is a fight that has become personal as both sides have made comments back and forth. For Ford, he has focused his training on movement rather than weight lifting. This has allowed him to get lighter in preparation.


Ford is an athlete that has been training in MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and boxing. This is why he was comfortable taking on Gharibi in any type of match. As for the Iranian Hulk, he is an alleged MMA fighter but has not stepped in the ring for an official match.

Ford later published a more official post providing promotional artwork and a link to RSVP for pre-ordering ticket.


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“I would absolutely LOVE to put on an event you guys will NEVER forget, this to me is very personal …. things have been said that can’t be taken back, by numerous people in his circle. I will release exactly what at the press conference and YOU will see just why this is so personal to me. I cant promise you the most technical fight in the world .. BUT I will promise you that I will bring my absolute EVERYTHING and turn this into an EVENT you will NEVER forget,” ford wrote.

There is an official date and venue set. The fight will take place at the O2 Arena in London. Both men are extremely confident heading into the match and there is no shortage of drama or storylines leading up to it.

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