Irish Beast Blessing Awodibu Showcases Insane Physique To Turn Pro At The Arnold Classic Europe

Blessing Awodibu earned his pro card with an awesome physique.

Becoming a pro bodybuilder is no simple task. It takes a great deal of training and sacrfice. It also takes time and patience to build the muscle required to prove yourself worthy of a IFBB Pro. Blessing Awodibu is a bodybuilder who has struggled and strived to become a pro bodybuilder and his sacrifice and patience finally paid off.

The Arnold Classic Europe showcased the best and brightest in bodybuilding one of them being the beast Blessing Awodibu. This past weekend the Irish beast revealed an amazing physique to the crowd and earned his pro card. Take a look at the post below that details his motivation to becoming a professional bodybuilder.

One of the reasons why Arnold Classic was so important to me was a chance to meet my all time hero @schwarzenegger , to shake hands and be approved by the man himself – it’s been one of my biggest goals after winning the #arnoldclassiceurope in 2014 as a junior. I set a goal for myself to turn PRO on that stage and meet Arnold. I gave it everything I had! 3 years of insane work ethic, gave up my full time job, training 2 to 3 times daily. I promised to hit that front double vacuum for him. I did, nailed it, I went up against 36 of the top athletes from around the world & came up on top + the Overall title, but I never got to meet the man?. I am so proud of myself, I strongly believe it’s only a matter of time, I will hit that front double for him soon. If you ever want to believe in something, it’s hard work and dedication. I love yous all. #illbeback ??????#theblessedera #blessedlegacy #undisputed @ifbb_official ?? by @trecnutrition #blessingtheboogieman

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