Jujimufu Gives Tour Of $500,000 Home Gym

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Jujimufu brought viewers into his state-of-the-art home gym.

Jujimufu has become known for his incredible strength and athleticism shown off on his social media accounts. Recently, he took viewers through a tour of his home gym that is valued around $500,000.

There are many home gyms that have been put on display in the past. The Rock’s ‘Iron Paradise’ comes to mind right away, along with Mark Wahlberg’s incredible palace. Now, Jujimufu has thrown his name into the conversation with a 4,000-square foot warehouse turned gym.

“It’s just a steel building…we start with the dirt. You get a good excavation guy because he’s going to hook you up with all the best dudes.

I wanted good resale value. That’s why I have the bay doors. I didn’t need the bay doors but if I wanted to resell.”

The tour began with a makeshift storage room in the front featuring some equipment that could not fit in the main gym.

Jujimufu Gives Tour Of Home Gym

Jujimufu took Garage Gym Reviews on YouTube into the main area of his gym. The tour began with his dumbbells. Jujimufu has concrete floors in all but a small area. He opted for Rogue rubber dumbbells because of this.

“I chose the Rogue ones because the price options of the ones that went up from there, they’re still not rubber. I like rubber so I chose the full set of the Rogues.”

There are many machines in this gym and Jujimufu has spread the wealth. He explained how he features some Hammer Strength and Ghost machines, along with “three or four” Atlantis. Mostly, Jon Call opts for Panatta.

“Most of it is Panatta. The reason is, when I was working with the equipment manufacturers, the ones that could meet most of my needs is the ones I would try to buy the most from.”


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As the tour continued, Jujimufu was asked about his favorite machines. He began with the lat pulldown.

“If I were to pick one machine for my back, this is it. It’s just a simple, they did it right. I love this machine, I live on this machine.”

Despite having a gym setup like this, Call does not shy away from workouts anywhere. He does have a specific pet peeve that will keep him out of a gym immediately.

“I’m okay going to any gym and working out as long as they’re trying not to come off a certain way. The moment a gym is like ‘we have the best and we’re the best’ and I’m going to go in and be disappointed, that’s when I’m like mine is better.”

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