Generation Iron Kai Greene 3 Weeks Mr. Olympia 2015

Even more unstoppable.

It’s unusual for a professional bodybuilder to show off their physique weeks out from a major pro show. Usually they prefer to keep their bodies under wraps in order to surprise the judges and fans with their improvements from the off season at the day of the show. For many pros this has been the rule of thumb when it comes to competing. There’s no need to spoil the surprise right? By shocking the judges with their improvements they’ll have a great chance of taking the top spot. Not a bad strategy over all.

In fact, it’s a strategy that some of the best of the best have manage to master in recent years. Kai Greene himself has been known to wear baggy clothing, hoodies and all, in order to throw off the scent as it were. With a rival like Phil Heath as your constant competition, you need every angle you can get in this game. Coming with your best physique isn’t always going to win you points with the judges. But if Kai’s cover up game was intended to get him some brownie points and cause him to defeat his rival, it appears that it hasn’t worked so far.

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This year however seems to be a bit different. The Predator has been doing much more guest posing, showing off his physique multiple times throughout the year. The top contender even did a guest posing last weekend which showed off his improved physical form. If that wasn’t enough, this past weekend saw an Instagram post of Kai looking pretty damn striated during an NFL Sunday Countdown taping. It seems as if Kai is showing the world weeks out from the Olympia that he’s made the improvements to beat his rival and wants everyone to know it. No hiding, no shying away. It’s looking like Kai is hoping to make a statement this year and is tired of playing games. No guts, not glory.

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