Kali Muscle Speaks On Using Steroids For 13 Years, Says He “Didn’t Stop Until The Heart Attack”

Kali Muscle opens up about his “on and off” steroid use for 13 years.

Kali Muscle is a former bodybuilder that has spoken about the current state of the sport since stepping off stage. He has been discussing the overall dangers of steroid use and continued by opening up further about his personal use over the years.

Kali was a great athlete at a young age and burst onto the scene in bodybuilding in 2009. He showed off an insane physique with great size and conditioning. In 2010, Kali had a goal of turning pro and added even more size once he got the right coaching. This is when he began using more and more steroids to fine tune his physique.

In 2021, Kali suffered a heart attack that was caused by a clogged left artery. Over the last three years, many bodybuilders have unfortunately passed away due to heart complications. Toward the end of 2021, Shawn Rhoden and George Peterson passed away. In April 2022, Cedric McMillan also passed away because of complications with his heart.

Kali Muscle has been a spokesperson about the dangers of bodybuilding and steroid use. During a recent conversation with Escape FitnessKali continued to discuss his own steroid use over the years.

Kali Muscle: “13 Years On And Off”

Kali Muscle built an incredible physique during his ventures as a bodybuilder. When he was working on becoming a pro, Kali began using steroids and discussed his use over the last 13 years, on and off.

“When I was 34 I started, 34… to when did I do my last show, no, so I really didn’t stop until the heart attack. Yeah, but all those years I would get off three to four months.

So I caught myself cycling off and I’m thinking I’m not doing what these other guys are doing because I was already genetically gifted but you had times bro.”

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Kali has personal experience using many different steroids during different times in his life. This is why he has spoken out against the use and shared some individualized information on each.

“Tren is the worst. Tren, deca, anadrol, dbol, they the worst. They clog you up so fast. Insulin will kill you! I remember I tried that and damn-near died. You got to eat like a 1,000 grams of carbs on it. I was about to fall out and have a diabetic coma.

Just experimenting too, don’t know what the hell you doing. It’s all an experiment, that’s what I tell people in videos, you’re giving data to my kids’ generation on what to do and what not to do.”


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Kali Muscle Speaks On Conversations With Doctors

During his career, Kali Muscle would get regular checkups by doctors. During these visits, he would receive warnings but would brush them off because he was feeling fine.

“You clogging everything up then I was getting warnings. Doctors would be telling me, ‘Your blood pressure elevated for years.’ I’m like, ‘Man, look at me I’m fine.’ Then would use the electrical blood pressure machine, I’m like, ‘No you have to use that manual,’ right? I kept on just putting it off.”

Because of this, Kali urges everyone to keep up with their health.

“If you don’ty get a EKG or a PET scan to look at your arteries, you don’t know what’s going on. That’s what I recommend to everybody. Getting an EKG, a PET test at least once a year when you’re hitting 40 at least once a year.”

The conversation ended with Kali Muscle claiming that steroids have a positive impact on patients that use them correctly — not abuse them. He even continues to use certain substances just to sustain his health, including testosterone.

“Roids help people, AIDs, cancer patients — it helps them. But when you abuse it, that’s when the problems arise.”

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