Kali Muscle Believes Bodybuilding Must Stop: ‘You Are Gonna Die, Young’

Kali Muscle has a strong message for all athletes in the sport of bodybuilding.

Kali Muscle is a former bodybuilder who has been through it all to this point. After a successful career on stage building an elite physique, Kali dealt with health risks of his own from all supplements that were taken. This is the reason that he believes the sport of bodybuilding has to stop and will eventually fall off.

Kali Muscle was in great shape from the time he was young. He was a three-sport athlete who earned a football scholarship to Fresno State. During his time in college, Kali was arrested for robbery and sentenced to 11 years in prison. Despite a poor diet, the natural athlete was able to keep up his incredible physique. This is why he decided to take up bodybuilding.

In 2009, Kali Muscle began competing in bodybuilding and saw great success early on. This led to more supplements being used to keep up a championship physique. After suffering a heart attack of his own in retirement, Kali Muscle has a simple message for bodybuilders.

“All y’all bodybuilders out there, quit. You’re gonna die, young. Simple as that.”

Kali Muscle suffered a heart attack in November of 2021. It came on the same day that Shawn Rhoden passed away. Rhoden’s death, among others, opened the eyes of many around bodybuilding including Kali Muscle.

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In his recent YouTube video, Kali referenced specific bodybuilders such as Rhoden, Cedric McMillan, George Peterson, and John Meadows. These are deaths that Kali Muscle believes could have been avoided if they were not in bodybuilding.

“Taking all these health risks and as we see, they dying in their 40’s. I almost died. I didn’t know about roids until I was 34. I was a late bloomer so I thought maybe it wouldn’t happen to me because like I said, I was a late bloomer. Now you got guys 15 and 16 taking steroids, which is stupid to me.”

Kali Muscle explained that he suffered from different issues growing up as well. From the age of 15-31, Kali dealt with severe migraines which he described as feeling like “mini strokes.”

“It’s the most unhealthy sport there is, if you want to call it a sport. It’s just terrible. There’s no purpose for it, bro. I see bodybuilding on its way out, phasing out. And I agree. Too many people die.”

The recent string of deaths has hit the bodybuilding world hard. Whether it is steroids causing the problems or something else, Kali Muscle believes that it is an issues that has to find a solution.

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