Mike Tyson Would Need “A Billion Bucks” To Fight Jake Paul

Tyson recently explained that he would need more than a ton of money to get back in the ring.

The speculation of Mike Tyson stepping into the ring with Jake Paul has gone on for awhile now but nothing has been concrete. This is a fight that will likely never happen but Tyson spoke on what it would take to fight. When asked specifically about boxing Paul, Tyson said he would do it for $1 billion.

Tyson made the statement on his podcast “Hotboxin” last week. He was joined by boxer Jermell Charlo and former Boston Celtics’ star Paul Pierce for the conversation. Pierce brought the topic up and it was a surprise to Tyson.

“I’ve never heard this from nobody. I’ve just heard this from you guys,” Tyson said.

“Nobody told me that. Hey, I ain’t got no f***ing money. So where’s the f***ing contract?”

Mike Tyson has been a fan of Jake Paul since he began boxing. Tyson was a believer that Paul would defeat Tyron Woodley in their match and he was correct in his guess. This is high praise from one of the best fighters of all-time and the two have built a relationship since Paul made the transition into the ring.

Paul has enjoyed success since joining the boxing world and has taken it by storm. He is now 5-0 in his professional boxing career, including two victories over Woodley. 

This is not the first time that Tyson and Paul have been linked in fight rumors. This is something that Tyson quickly shut down and claimed that there were never discussions. Tyson explained how he would not do anything like that anymore after his previous encounter in the ring.

Tyson last stepped in the ring in November against Roy Jones Jr. This fight ended in a controversial draw. This was Tyson’s first fight in 15 years and it might have been his last ever. Pierce asked Tyson if he ever plans to step in the ring again before referring to Paul specifically.

The answer that Tyson gave was simple. It would take “a billion bucks” to setup a match between Tyson and Paul.

If Mike Tyson were to step in the ring once again, it would certainly be a spectacle, especially if it was against Jake Paul. While this is likely never going to happen, every man has his price and Tyson certainly has his. It might be an unreachable number but there has been some crazy things in boxing. Jake Paul, your move.

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