Strongman Masters Nationals 2021 Results

The full results from the Strongman Masters Nationals 2021.

Traditionally, the Strongman Masters Nationals competition coincides with the Mr. Olympia weekend. But due to rescheduling and restrictions caused by the pandemic, the Strongman event was forced to postpone into the new year. Now the wait is finally over. It may be a new year, but the Strongman Masters Nationals has finally arrived.

Held in Bowling Green, Kentucky at the Western Kentucky University L.D. Brown Ag Expo Center. The Strongman Masters Nationals awards the first place winner a spot at the Arnold Strongman Classic later this year.

Below are the divisions that competed in the event:

Men’s Divisions- LMM 50+ (up to 231.4), LMM (up to 200), MMM (200.4 up to 231.4), HMM 50+ (231.5 and up), HMM (231.5 and up)

Women’s Divisions- LWM (up to 140), MWM (140.4 up to 180), HWM (140.5 up to 180)

Strongman Masters Nationals Events

No two strongman competitions are ever exactly the same. This is largely because series of events are never the same. Instead, they are cycled through a potential list of different lifting disciplines. Some Strongman athletes are better skilled at one event over the other. While the athletes are notified in advance what to prepare for – it can have a big impact on what to expect from each competitor.

Below are the events being held at the Strongman Masters Nationals:

Bigg Dogg Strongg Wheelbarrow Deadlift

Each competitor will have 60 seconds to deadlift as many reps as possible. Competitors will start standing on the mat and must follow the following rules: apply strap once the command is given, wear shoes until on the deadlift platform, and no use of suits or hooks, but chalk and straps are allowed.

Farmers Walk

A classic Strongman event, each competitor will be given 60 seconds to complete a 60 foot run (30’ down and back). The front must cross the line in the air and if it slides, there will be a two second penalty. There is only one drop allowed.

Ironmind Axle Clean & Press For Reps

Each competitor will have 60 seconds to clean and press as many reps as possible. Control over the log must be maintained at all times and the axle must not be dropped from over head. If it does, it will result in a deduction of a rep.

Beast Metals Yoke Carry

These competitors will have 60 seconds to complete a 60 foot run and the front of the yoke must cross the line in the air. If the yoke slides, it will result in a two second penalty and only one drop is allowed. The yoke carry is another staple event of Strongman and always a fun one to watch as it tests all aspects of the sport from strength, endurance, and mental will.

Bigg Dogg Strongg Wheelbarrow Race

Each competitor will have 60 seconds to pick up and carry the wheelbarrow a total distance of 40 feet.  Competitors can start with their hands on the wheelbarrow. Similar to the yoke carry, this is not only a test of strength, but endurance and a will to drive this to the finish line.

Strongman Masters Nationals 2021 Results

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