19-Year-Old Karlos Nasar Crushes 617-Pound Squat

Karlos Nasar Instagram

World record holder Karlos Nasar continues to train at a high level.

Karlos Nasar continues to be one of the young, up-and-coming stars in the sport of weightlifting. At just 19 years old, Nasar already holds multiple world records and continues to work toward others, as well as setting new personal records. During a recent training session, Nasar shared a video of an insane 280kg (617.2lb) squat.

On Thursday, Nasar shared the video of this squat on his Instagram. He started his powerlifting journey at a young age and has been on a sharp incline in the sport since the start. Still in his teenage years, Nasar is impressing more and more each day.

Over the course of his career, Karlos Nasar has gone head-to-head with some of the best in the sport. This has allowed him to make a name for himself and continue to measure his abilities against the best.

Karlos Nasar Powerlifting Career

Karlos Nasar began setting world records in December 2021. Since then, he has totaled six records in two separate divisions across powerlifting. In 2021, he won the World Weightlifting Championships in the 81kg division at just 17 years old.

Nasar currently holds multiple world records across both the junior and senior divisions in the Men’s 81 and 89kg divisions:

Men’s 89kg Division

  • Clean & Jerk (Senior): 223kg in December 2023
  • Snatch (Junior): 176kg in February 2024
  • Clean & Jerk (Junior): 223kg in December 2023
  • Total (Junior): 395kg in April 2023

Men’s 81kg Division

  • Clean & Jerk (Junior): 208kg in December 2021
  • Total (Junior): 374kg in December 2021

Why Improving Squats is Important

As to why you should be mindful of improving your squat, there are a few reasons, let’s dive on!

For one, gains are far better with better form. Who wouldn’t want their gains to be more glorious? For example, if you are half-repping your squats, or any exercise for that matter, you are not getting the full muscular engagement as opposed to when you complete a full range of motion. Squatting with the best possible form, leads to the best possible gains for the lifter!

Another reason to be mindful of how you are squatting is injury. Performing squats incorrectly could result in things like back issues, knee issues, and other unwanted issues that could put you out of commission. It is every lifter’s worst nightmare to be injured to the point where they cannot hit the gym at maximum strength. Make sure to do everything you can to avoid something like that.

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