Generation Iron Eastern USA Championships Results

Who qualified for Nationals at Steve Weinberger’s big event?

This weekend was jam packed with bodybuilding competitions – both Pro and NPC. But one one of the biggest shows that went down was the Eastern USA Championships, where everyone competes to grab a chance to qualify for the Nationals later this month. There’s a lot of results here – we we’ll just give you a rundown of who placed first in every category:

Women’s Bodybuilding Over 35: Tischa Thomas
Women’s Physique: Andrea Gritz
Women’s Bodybuilding Open: Tischa Thomas

Overall Men’s Bodybuilding Masters Champion: Michael Lynn
Bodybuilding Teen (18-19): Julian Odritt
Bodybuilding Over 35: Aaron Newman
Bodybuilding Over 40: Michael Lynn
Bodybuilding Over 50: Anthony Charles
Bodybuilding Over 60: Victor Conti
Bodybuilding Over 80: Joel Segal

Overall Men’s Bodybuilding Novice Champion: Matthiew Sharp
Bodybuilding Novice LW: NIcholas McCluskey
Bodybuilding Novice MW: Mike Dagrossa
Bodybuilding Novice LHW: Mathiew Sharp
Bodybuilding Novice HW: Jose Diaz

Overall Men’s Bodybuilding Open Champion: Dominick Cardone
Bodybuilding Open BW: Robert Austin
Bodybuilding Open LW: Richard Maradola
Bodybuilding Open MW: Adam Reich
Bodybuilding Open LHW: Bobby Church
Bodybuilding Open HW: Dominick Cardone
Bodybuilding Open SHW: Jose Diaz

Fitness Champion: Gina Luciano

Overall Men’s Physique Masters Champion: Damian Butkiewicz
Men’s Physique Teen: Kirlos Abdelmessih
Men’s Physique Masters A: Keith Owens
Men’s Physique Masters B: Damian Butkiewicz

Overall Men’s Physique Open Champion: Jose Diaz
Men’s Physique Open A: Bryan Cuevas
Men’s Physique Open B: Xavier Ifill
Men’s Physique Open C: Jose Diaz
Men’s Physique Open D: Anthony Scalza
Men’s Physique Open E: Elvis Mokhan
Men’s Physique Open F: Jonathan Oliver

Overall Figure Masters Champion: Valesca Macedo
Overall Figure Novice Champion: Karli Funk
Figure Over 35 A: Rachel Donzalski
Figure Over 35 B: Valesca Macedo
Figure Over 45: Christine Bertini
Figure Novice A: Tyliah Williams
Figure Notice B: Karli Funk

Overall Figure Open Champion: Karli Funk
Figure Open A: Carmen Parnell
Figure Open B: Taylor Brandon
Figure Open C: Tyliah Williams
Figure Open D: Christine Bertini
Figure Open E: Karli Funk
Figure Open F: Valesca Macedo

Overall Bikini Masters Champion: Maya Kekahuna
Bikini Over 35 A: Maya Kekahuna
Bikini Over 35 B: Michelle Cerbone
Bikini Over 45: Cynthia Purcell

Overall Bikini Novice Champion: Madeleine Conti
Bikini Novice A: Jade Vignapiano
Bikini Novice B: Ashley Evertz
Bikini Novice C: Madeleine Conti

Overall Bikini Open Champion: Tifanny Urrea
Bikini Open A: Kristy Malczewski
Bikini Open B: Elizabeth Yisrael
Bikini Open C: Yuliya Blagova
Bikini Open D: Tifanny Urrea
Bikini Open E: Bena Ng
Bikini Open F: Jennifer Willey

Well that about does it for this competition. You can see where everyone placed and the official score sheet over at NPC News Online. Stay pumped and catch you later.

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