Phil Heath Picks 2024 Olympia Winner, Talks Comeback For Big Ramy: “I Don’t Know Where He Goes From Here”

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Phil Heath shared his thoughts on many topics surrounding bodybuilding.

Phil Heath continues to discuss the current happenings in bodybuilding and does it using his overall knowledge and experience. During a recent appearance on The Menace PodcastHeath discussed the 2024 Olympia and even gave some advice to Big Ramy regarding a potential comeback.

The 2023 Olympia came down to Derek Lunsford and Hadi Choopan, who was victorious during the previous year’s competition.

“Derek won hands down. It is what it is. I definitely believe Hadi and Derek are the frontrunners.”

There were many that were unhappy with the result but Heath believes the judges got it right. He mentioned how he believes Choopan’s timing was off and he did not peak on Friday.

“I think what Hadi has to realize is that the timing of this show is everything. THat’s usually that something only competitors truly understand. I think last year, being backstage at the Olympia, when I saw him take his shirt off before he even touched a dumbbell, it was a problem.”

Heath believes that the competition will come down to Lunsford and Choopan once again. Dennis James and Chris Cormier believe this as well and each split their decisions about who will win.

Big Ramy 2023 Arnold Classic

Phil Heath Gives Advice To Big Ramy

There have been many rumors about Phil Heath returning to the bodybuilding stage. He has continued to train hard in the gym and knows what it is like to take time off from competition. Now, Big Ramy is in the midst of the same hiatus from competition.

Ramy will appear as a guest poser during the 2024 Pittsburgh Pro and many eyes will be on the former Olympia champ.

“I don’t know where he goes from here. I think some things will answer themselves come Pittsburgh. I definitely believe that he’s got to probably stop with the old school pictures and videos that he and his team will post, tricking your mind into guessing when that actually was.”

Big Ramy has cemented himself as a legend of the stage by winning two Mr. Olympia titles and placing near the top in every bodybuilding competition he’s appeared in. Ramy built an incredible package ahead of the 2020 Olympia, where he was able to land his first title. He successfully defended his title the very next year before sliding down the scorecard in 2022. Ramy did not bring his best during the 2023 Arnold Classic, finishing fourth, and leading to a break from competition.

Phil Heath was surprised by Ramy’s finish in Columbus.

“Look at Ramy’s winning poses and stuff. When I say winning pose, like the post that they said this is your new Mr. Olympia, it was a side chest. That’s f*cking crazy. That’s usually dedicated to the guys that are shorter like myself and can twist a little bit.

Why did he get fourth? Because when I saw the Arnold, I wasn’t sitting there watching it in the greenroom. I thought he spanked everybody.”

It is unknown when Big Ramy will make his return but he will take the stage in Pittsburgh and likely prepare for the Olympia.

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