Jay Cutler: “You Have To Be Absolutely F’n Crazy” To Be The Best In Bodybuilding

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Jay Cutler believes the best of the best have to have a different mindset during training.

Jay Cutler knows what it takes to perform at the highest level in the sport of bodybuilding. The former four-time Olympia champion has been asked at times what it takes to take the next step and become the best of the best? Cutler answered this question during a recent video on his YouTube page and the answer was simple — mentality.

“What separates a really good bodybuilder and the top, top. I said dude, it’s the mindset.”

Cutler still trains at a high level since his days on stage ended. During his prime, he went head-to-head with Ronnie Coleman to create the best bodybuilding rivalry of all-time. Cutler ended Coleman’s legendary streak of eight consecutive titles in 2006 and went onto win four of his own in five years.

Of course, Cutler knows what needs to be done to win and has the right mindset in the gym. This is the most important aspect according to the champ.

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Jay Cutler: “You Have To Be Mentally F’d Up”

The mindset of a professional athlete might vary depending on the sport but there is one common factor, they are extremely motivated. Bodybuilding is no different.

“You have to be absolutely f’n crazy. It sounds so crazy for me to say that but you have to be mentally f’d up.

You have to go in the gym with that purpose and be able to train with that intensity and focus and no fear, when you get under 600 in a squat or put four plates on a bench, that you’re one pec tear away from a career-ending injury. And you’re still doing it for repetitions. How crazy is that?”


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For bodybuilders, it begins in the gym. Athletes must have a purpose and understand what they want to accomplish each training session.

“You have to train angry, you have to train crazy, you have to train with emotion. 

There’s just so much into going to the gym and working out than just showing up, getting out of your car, walking into the gym, and lifting weights. It’s a thought process, it’s continuous, it really is a process.”

This is the mentality that Jay Cutler trained with over the course of his career. In retirement, he still brings great passion into training and is able to share it with fans via social media.

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