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CT Fletcher and Kali Muscle are inhuman.

It seems like since lifting weights became popular, the arms have been a major target for those looking to attain a powerful physique. For that reason the biceps and the triceps are arguably the muscles that lifters work the most. Swole arms are going to turn heads, there’s no doubting that. If you want to point out a lifter or bodybuilder then just take a look at their arms. If they’re bulging mountain peaks of muscle then you’ve likely found a hardcore gym rat.

CT Fletcher and Kali Muscle are two of the most influential fitness icons in the world today. Both men are known for their intense workouts, their hardcore principals about lifting, and their undying will to make gains and build muscle. They are also two men possessed with some pretty impressive arms of their own. With CT Fletcher already being renowned as a champion level powerlifter and Kali muscle just recently picking up a big win at an NPC competition, it’s safe to say that both men may know a bit about building some powerful muscle.


Recently, Kali Muscle paid CT Fletcher’s Iron Addicts Gym a visit and to no one’s surprise was greeted with the CT Fletcher workout challenge. There’s no doubt that Kali worked hard for years to build the kind of muscle he possesses, but when you enter the Iron Addicts Gym and stare down CT Fletcher himself, chances are you’re going to be in for a workout that even an avid veteran would find challenging.

So what challenge did CT give to Kali Muscle? Check out the video below to see the punishing bicep routine that would likely destroy the arms of any normal man.

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