Derek Lunsford Takes Down 100-Rep Challenge Using 315-Pound Barbell Squats

212 Olympia champ Derek Lunsford took on a new challenge during his leg day workout.

Derek Lunsford got over the hump during the 2021 Olympia and is now looking to remain at the top. The current 212 champion took on the 100-rep challenge during his most recent leg day sing 315-pound barbell squats. This came after some sets on other machines to get the maximum pump in his legs.

The 28-year-old bodybuilder has been consistent in the 212 division over the years but has been unable to reach the pinnacle. That changed in October when he beat Shaun Clarida, who was the favorite entering the weekend. Lunsford has a chance to make it two in a row this year and he is gearing up his prep toward that goal.

Lunsford went through a huge leg day workout and added a twist in the middle. It began with seated leg extensions and lying leg curls. He completed 15-20 reps during sets to get the necessary warmup before moving on in the workout. Lunsford spoke on leg days and how they are important to bodybuilding, despite not being a favorite.

“As much as it sucks in the moment, these are the days I live for. This is why I do what I do and I love it,” Derek Lunsford said.

Derek Lunsford began his quest for 100 reps in the middle of the workout. He loaded 315 on the squat rack and took down the first two sets of 20 reps with ease. Wearing a lifting belt, Lunsford attacked the third and fourth set, where he added an extra rep to make it 21. This is where it began to look a bit challenging.

This is no easy feat but Lunsford was dedicated to setting the goal that he set for that day. The fifth set was grueling but Lunsford tackled all 100 reps and was able to move on in the workout.

“I think if you look at yourself and say what is my best and can I beat it, you keep that as your focus, that’s a champion mentality man!”

Derek Lunsford finished the workout with two sets of leg press and standing single-leg curls. At this point, he had plenty of pump in his legs following his 100 reps on the squat rack.

There is no doubt that Lunsford is going to enter the Olympia this year looking his absolute best. With workouts and goals like this, Lunsford is building a championship physique and it will be exciting to see how it progresses over the summer.

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Greg Patuto
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