Generation Iron Podcast Kai Greene Premiere

Kai Greene and Krystal hit the ground running.


It’s finally here! The first ever episode of our brand new bodybuilding podcast, the Generation Iron Podcast With Kai Greene, has launched and is now available right here on the Generation Iron Fitness Network. And Kai and Krystal jump right into it with this premiere by revealing their deep rooted and dramatic pasts that made them the strong competitors that they are today. Kai Greene goes into detail about his youth being a ward of the state and how that shaped the kind of man he has become while Krystal talks about the twists and turns that she has gone throughout her youth – including her battle with cancer – that led to her fitness and bikini competition lifestyle. What does it take to make a person strong enough to take control of their own life? Listen to this podcast right here – Kai and Krystal might help you find out.

Kai and Krystal Podacst

Krystal Podcast

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