Generation Iron Workout Song Eminem Lose Yourself

Lose yourself in the gym.

Another weekend, another bodybuilding competition in the books. The busy weekend saw a number of events come to pass, whether it be Goku day on Saturday May 9th (yeah you read that right) or the New York Pro, there were definite points of interests for bodybuilding fans from all walks of life. Juan Morel as crowned the open weight winner at this past weekend’s pro event. Topping fellow standout Victor Martinez, Morel was at his all time best at the NY event and has successfully qualified for this year’s Mr. Olympia competition. It was certainly a testament to the hard work Morel put in during the off season and it’s that kind of work ethic that we should all bring to the gym. But as always a little musical boost can supercharge your training.

This song will get you fired up in the gym to get all the gains you seek. Burn fat and pack on muscle with this track from Eminem. “Lose Yourself” is a high intensity track off the  8 Mile soundtrack that’s sure to put some adrenaline into your lifts.

This Week’s Pick

Song: Lose Yourself
Artist: Eminem
Album: Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture 8 Mile

To get you even more motivated – we’ve pulled this fan made YouTube video of Lose Yourself set to some kick ass scenes from Rocky.We dare you not to get motivated after this:

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