Generation Iron Kai Greene Comic Con

Thoughts become things.

Whether you love Kai or just love to hate him it’s undeniable that his larger than life personality can’t be ignored. More than a top tier bodybuilder, Kai Greene has the personality that makes him a true icon. He will undoubtedly become one of those legendary personalities, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, that takes the sport of bodybuilding to a higher plateau. And it seems like Kai is starting to think just like Schwarzenegger by expanding his reach beyond bodybuilding. Kai Greene will be featured at the New York Comic Con all this week (from the 8th-11th) at booth #138. He’s been working on launching a comic book and New York Comic Con is the perfect place to unveil it… “The Chronicles of Kai.


Unlike many newbie comic heads, this ain’t no gimmick. Just speak to Kai for a couple of minutes and you’ll find that behind all of that muscle lies the mind of an artist. Honest, emotional, and raw – Kai Greene’s creativity and love for drawing stems from his childhood growing up on the gritty streets of Brooklyn, NY. No stranger to the spot light, It’s obvious that  Kai plans on utilizing his talents to expand his career further than bodybuilding. What will the story of “The Chronicles of King Kai” be all about? What kind of imagination will we see pour out of Kai’s brain? Nobody knows for sure but for now we have this teaser image to give you an idea.

Generation Iron Kai Greene Comic Con

Catch “The Chronicles of King Kai” at Comic Con all this week (8th-11th) in New York city at booth #138…we’ll see you there! Here’s a quick peek at the booth:

Generation Iron Kai Comic Con Booth

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