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Still the world’s most dangerous man.

Once touting himself as the “World’s Most Dangerous Man”, Ken Shamrock has become a sporting icon. Ever since competing in UFC 1, the martial artist has been revered as a true badass and a tough bout for any fighter back in his heyday. Besides being a talented mixed martial artist, Shamrock also enjoyed a stint in the WWE. He used his athleticism and martial arts background to garner a pretty healthy fan base in the number one professional wrestling organization in the world, which is no small feat.

There’s no doubt that Shamrock was a force to reckoned with in his prime, but leading up to his next bout at Bellator 138 with one time popular internet sensation and former street fighter Kimbo Slice, there have been questions on whether or not the 51 year old will be up to the task. In his younger days you were heading into trouble when you were set to face Shamrock. But no one can fight the clock forever. Father Time comes to collect his debt on all of us and even the World’s Most Dangerous Man must pay his due. Or at least that’s what we all thought.

Not too long ago, Shamrock posted some images of his physique on Twitter as he prepares to step into the cage against the former street bruiser Slice. Suffice it to say, it looks like Shamrock is forcing father time to take a seat. Take a look.

From the looks of it, Ken Shamrock still has plenty in the tank and his physique more than proves that. Whether or not that will be enough to defeat Kimbo Slice we’ll soon see, but if Shamrock is looking to stay competitive after all is said and done, we have a suggestion for him. Enter a bodybuilding competition and put his gifted genetics on full display.

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Jonathan Salmon
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