korean tom platz nam eun cho headerWheels of epic proportions.

Open weight bodybuilding is a different kind of beast compared to all the other divisions you will see at a given event. For athletes competing in the open weight class it’s all about how much muscle they can pack onto their frame while still maintaining good proportions. It’s a difficult task to say the least. You have to build yourself up to the size of the Hulk while burning fat from your body and revealing all the shred hidden underneath. Depending on who you ask the individuals who did this the best were old school bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, and Sergio Oliva just to name a few. Another classic bodybuilder held in high regard is Tom Platz.

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Known for his gigantic wheels, Tom Platz was nicknamed “The Quadfather” because of his well developed quadriceps. Platz never won an Olympia competition, but despite that fact he is still held in high regard by many athletes within the bodybuilding world. He’s regarded so highly in fact that many aspiring bodybuilders, amateur and pro alike, often seek out Platz for his vast bodybuilding knowledge.

While Tom Platz’s knowledge is often considered some of the best in the industry, for the most part it’s still his legs that are often give the most attention. His legs are so legendary that they’re often referred to when making comparison to massive legs. One such bodybuilder that currently competes in the IFBB is the Korean stand out Nam Eun Cho. Luimarco has dubbed the man “The Korean Tom Platz” and with good reason. Check out the video below to learn more about this Korean IFBB pro who has wheels that rival the great Tom Platz.

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