Generation Iron Layne Norton Q&AMeet the master bodybuilder and scientist.

The SFN Expo and Layne Norton himself have announced that Layne will be holding an exclusive two hour Q&A session with a meet & greet afterwards. This event promises that all fans will have an opportunity to personally meet Layne Norton, grab a photo, and gain exclusive insight about training and nutrition during the Q&A.

As many of you already know, Layne Norton is well known as a bodybuilder and highly educated scientist. He has written insightful fitness articles in such major publications as Muscular Development, Planet Muscle, and Ironman magazine. He is also an IFPA and NGA natural pro bodybuilder.

Layne Norton is also founder of the BioLayne Foundation – a philanthropic initiative to improve fitness and bodybuilding by providing financial assistance to next generation sports scientists through scholarships and grants. In short, Layne Norton is an iconic figure in regards to spreading truth and knowledge about the world of bodybuilding and fitness.

Layne Norton’s Q&A will be held at the Prolife Fitness Centre in Paisley, Scotland on Thursday, August 28th from 7pm to 9pm. There are only 100 spaces available – so if you are in the area, grab your tickets fast. You can purchase them here.

If you, like many of us, won’t be able to get into Scotland on such short notice – you can always read Layne Norton’s wisdom on his website:


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