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Sadik getting even more swole.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they understand that making the big shift is a necessary part of furthering their career goals. Whether you’re a carpenter, an accountant, a doctor, an electrician, there will come a time in your career that requires you to take the next step of your professional evolution. The same can be said for athletic endeavors like bodybuilder (unless your name is Dexter Jackson of course).

The 2015 Olympia saw reigning Physique champ Jeremy Buendia take the top spot once again. Many observers thought that Sadik Hadzovic should have been a shoe-in to win the competition, but apparently the judges saw things quite differently. Now that the off season is more or less underway, many questions are being asked of the Men’s Physique standout. So many fans and onlookers expected a big win for Sadik in this past year’s show which obviously didn’t materialize leading many to believe that the judges may have a skewed vision in regards to Hadzovic.


This had led to many people asking the most imperative question of all. Will Sadik remain in the Physique division? How things stand, being the number two Physique competitor in the world isn’t the worst thing in the world, but that simply won’t do for a man as dedicated as Sadik. Becoming a champion is his number one goal and if the package he brings to the table is one that the judges can’t appreciate then you have to wonder what steps he’ll choose to take in order to become a bodybuilding champion.

With the announcement of the Classic Physiques division, one that many believe the young man could dominate, it becomes a waiting game to see whether or not Sadik will choose to remain in his current division or try something new and move on. He’s dropped a few hints in the past but at this point it’s all just speculation. Whether or not he chooses to move into the Classic Physique Division is still uncertain – but there is one thing that is certain, Sadik is already starting to look swole this off season. Take a look at his Instagram vid below for the proof.

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