Generation Iron Valentine's Day Lifters

What Valentine’s Day could be for a bodybuilder.

It’s that time of year again that most individuals have a fairly strong opinion on. Valentine’s day is pretty much a love it or hate it holiday no matter how you slice it. Many single men and women hate the holiday because it’s a reminder of just how lonely they are. Many others love the holiday because they’re showered by gifts or shown appreciation by their significant other. No matter which group you fall into there’s no denying that the holiday has some kind of impact, positive or negative.

But what does the holiday mean for a bodybuilder? Sure, to many people out there you think wine, a sappy card, and some chocolate, but none of those things is doing a damn thing for your gains. But don’t write it off yet. Here are some reasons why a bodybuilder should love this holiday.

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If you’re a bodybuilder in a relationship, and your partner truly understands you, then you can be pretty sure that a bevy of gifts will be coming your way that’ll have to do with you making gains in the gym. Whether it’s your favorite protein powder or some new dumbbells, your significant other is likely to shower you with a gift that shows their love for you, and if they really care that’ll have to do with getting some gains.

(The Right Kind of) New Gym Members

Chances are if someone is single and had a crappy Valentine’s experience, they could find themselves in a gym near you. Not to be biased, but a woman who’s single and heartbroken on Valentine’s day may have some extra motivation to get into revenge shape and get into the gym. That just leaves the window open for an avid lifter to swoop in with some pointers on working out. If all things work out right, there could be a love connection going down at that squat rack.

Happy Bulkingtime’s Day

Now for some of you out there in a relationship, rather than facing the holiday alone you’ll instead find yourself in some expensive restaurant with food that could never usually fit into your macro nutrients. If you’re likely to find yourself in a nice Italian restaurant on Valentines day, filled with pastas and meats with some high calories, you can spin this in your favor. Either you can plan ahead and make the day your cheat day of the week or, if you’re not cutting, you can use the high calories to bulk up. Turn all that food you eat into your benefit when you get back in the gym.

Lif(ting)e Partners

If your girl lifts, or visa versa, then why not spend Valentine’s Day motivating each other to break through personal bests or attain that extra pump (pun intended?) and they’ll be likely to be of the mind to keep you around for the long term. After all, the couple who lifts together, sticks together.

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Photo courtesy of Richard Blanshard

Jonathan Salmon
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