Flex Lewis Suffers Torn Tricep Tendon That Will Require Surgery In “Freak Accident”

Flex Lewis shared that he tore his tendon off the bone in recent incident.

Bodybuilding legend Flex Lewis might not be competing on stage anymore but he still lives the bodybuilding lifestyle. Sometimes, this comes with a price but lifting heavy weight is not where Lewis’ recent injury came from. On Tuesday, Lewis shared that he suffered a torn tricep tendon while in the bathroom.

“I have torn my tendon off the bone. Something a bodybuilder doesn’t ever want to experience but it’s happened to the best. These guys who I look up to have all come back and gone on to win shows and do some great things. Thankfully for me, I’m no longer on that bodybuilding stage but I truly love living the bodybuilding lifestyle.”

The seven-time 212 Olympia champion has discussed the possibility of a return for years now. There has been no plan coming to fruition as Lewis continues to train at a high level and run successful social media accounts. Now, his training will be put on hold after suffering an injury that will require surgery.

Lewis shared a video on YouTube explaining the injury, which occurred as he was trying to watch Ryan Garcia’s latest fight.

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Flex Lewis Suffers Torn Tricep Tendon

Flex Lewis explained that he was on vacation at the time of the incident. He was out watching the boxing match when he went to the bathroom and into a stall. While he was holding the door, a man kicked the door causing Lewis’ arm to take major impact.

“I went to a local place that was playing the Ryan Garcia fight. I’m a big fight fan, I didn’t want to miss it. I’ve got this habit, a good one up until this point, of peeing in the toilet. I go in there and with most places like bars and clubs, the latches are normally broken. In this case, it was the case so I was holding the door whilst peeing and some idiot from the other side decided to kick it so with a straight arm, I took all that impact.”


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Because he was on vacation with his wife, Lewis did not make a big deal of the injury but did make it a point to go get an MRI. Just one day after the MRI, doctors confirmed what Lewis already knew.

“I told them exactly what they needed to hear, it wasn’t as bad as it looks. Came home that next day, I was booked into an MRI, had that MRI, squeezed me into the smallest MRI I have ever been in, head-first, hand up. It was confirmed that very next day that I had torn the tendon off the bone.”

Flex Lewis shared that the injury will require surgery. Ultimately, it is better than a muscle tear but Lewis will have to recover fully from this injury before returning to the gym.

“I have thick tendons and muscles. It’s not a muscle tear otherwise we’d be in straightaway to make sure that doesn’t roll up. This duration of time is good enough for me to prolong it as much as I have already.”

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