Alternating Deltoid Raise (Shoulders) – Exercise Guide

Muscles worked: Shoulders

Equipment needed: Dumbbells


1. Stand with an upright torso with a dumbbell in each hand extended at arm’s length.

2. Places your arms at your sides, so your palms are facing each other.

3. While maintaining a slight bend in your elbows, raise the dumbbells directly in front of you.

4. Exhale as you raise the weights to the shoulder height. Your arms should be parallel to the floor at the top of the movement.

5. Return to the starting position while breathing in.

6. On the second rep, raise the dumbbells laterally to your sides. Your arms should be in a straight line as you elevate the dumbbells to shoulder height.

7. Slowly return to the starting position and alternate to the front and sides for the recommended reps.

Alternate Exercises for Alternating Deltoid Raise

Front Dumbbell Raise

Side Lateral Dumbbell Raise