Chris Bumstead Looking Ultra Classic Six Weeks Out. Will He Win At The Olympia?

Chris Bumstead is looking incredible.

While many fans have been focused on what the Open Weight division has to offer at the Olympia, there are other categories raising a fair amount of intrigue as we rocket towards the biggest pro show of the year. The Classic Physique division has earned the respect of fans. Where Open Weight bodybuilding focuses on how much muscle a human being can pack onto their frame, Classic Physique aims to capture more of an aesthetic, achievable physical form. In reality that’s still far from the truth, but it’s certainly more achievable than trying to look like Phil Heath. Among the ranks of Classic Physique is a certain competitor that everyone has their eye on. That man is Chris Bumstead.

Despite not being a highly experienced pro, Chris Bumstead has already caught the attention of the fans and competitors follow the sport. His genetics are truly impressive and he embodies the physiques of the individuals during the classic era. Much like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane, Chris Bumstead aims for a proportionate and symmetrical physique that will put the competition to shame.

But the physique of Chris Bumstead isn’t the only thing his opposition has to worry about. Chris Bumstead also possesses some pretty slick posing ability that should put the rest of the division on notice. This recent progress pic shows just how ready Bumstead is for competition and is likely to do considerably well in his first Olympia showing. Check out the progress pic below.

What do you make of Chris Bumstead and his chances at glory?

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