Ade Rai returns to the podcast to discuss one of the most important strategies to consider when a bodybuilder starts finding success and praise

In the latest episode of The Mike O’Hearn Show, hosted by the legendary fitness icon Mike O’Hearn alongside guest host Clark Bartram, the spotlight falls on the esteemed bodybuilder and motivator, Ade Rai. This captivating conversation delves deep into the essence of legacy, motivation, and the pursuit of meaning in life.

Before diving into the heart of the discussion, it’s essential to grasp the significance of Ade Rai’s presence. Born in Indonesia, Ade Rai has carved his name as an influential figure in the bodybuilding community. With a career spanning decades, Rai’s achievements defy the boundaries of conventional wisdom, inspiring countless individuals worldwide.

Known as “The Father Of Indonesian Bodybuilding” – Ade Rai is an professional natural bodybuilder and he also competed in amateur body building championships like SEA Games and Asian Games. He is a three time world natural body building champion, and a huge celebrity and a successful business man in Indonesia.

This week, Ade Rai returns yet again to the podcast to discuss more of his philosophy behind bodybuilding and life. Noting an important distinction on how to balance the “selfishness” inherent to bodybuilding while also brining value to others in the world. Let’s dive in!

Passing on the Torch of Legacy

The conversation kicks off with Mike O’Hearn reflecting on the profound advice he once received: “Do it for your last name.” This mantra encapsulates the idea of transcending one’s circumstances and striving to embody the best aspects of oneself and one’s family. Both Mike and Clark Bartram emphasize the importance of not using one’s struggles as a crutch but rather as fuel for personal growth and improvement.

Clark shares a poignant anecdote about his father’s passing, highlighting how the legacy of loved ones continues through the lives they touch. This sentiment resonates deeply, emphasizing that our actions ripple through generations, leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Motivation Beyond Boundaries

Mike O’Hearn lauds figures like Clark and Ade Rai as “one in a billion” individuals whose extraordinary achievements defy conventional limits. Their dedication and passion serve as a beacon of not only motivating countless others – but motivating the motivators in the world. They showcase what is possible with unwavering commitment and hard work.

Turning the spotlight to Ade Rai, Mike explores the pressures of leadership and motivational figurehead status. Rai acknowledges occasional overwhelming feelings but emphasizes his focus on personal growth and achievement rather than the weight of external expectations.

Seeking Meaning Amidst Success

Ade Rai’s philosophy of “I am not hungry for food, I am hungry for meaning” encapsulates his profound approach to life. He emphasizes the importance of leaving behind a meaningful legacy, focusing on what one gives to the world rather than seeking immediate gratification or external validation.

Reflecting back on Clark’s story about his father’s passing – Ade Rai notes that what we give back to the world is a combination of intentional and unintentional. When we raise a child, we have intention to raise that child to be better than ourselves. But at the same time, we also impart influence on them in ways we don’t realize.

When Ade Rai looks at himself and his life as a bodybuilder – he understands that much of what he does is a personal benefit to himself. The health, strength, and physique he builds is, in a way, a sort of vanity. However, in finding success as a bodybuilder, he unintentionally gives back to the world. His physique inspires others. His victories in the sport show what is possible in the realm of strength and fitness.

Ade Rai makes a point to always pause and reflect on his life, to ask the hard questions of himself. This helps him have an internal conversation to remind himself that what he does in part gives back to the world. He considers himself lucky that his version of giving to the world also helps lead his own life to personal success.

How To Best Handle Bodybuilding Success (And How To Avoid It’s Pitfalls)

True independence, according to Rai, lies in being unaffected by both criticism and praise. He views success and attention as blessings but remains steadfast in his commitment to his core values and contributions to the world.

Many of us know that it is important to ignore negative criticism, especially from strangers who do not know you. But Ade argues that this is only the first step. The more elevated and important step – is to ignore praise once you find success.

Absorbing praise from the mass public, essentially strangers, can have a negative impact in how you live your life through this world. Not only can this have a negative impact on your strategies as a bodybuilder – it can also disconnect you from that sense of meaning Ade Rai discussed earlier in this podcast.

Bodybuilding no longer helps give to the world, if you do it for the praise, success and money. Instead, it then becomes a fully selfish endeavor. This can change your relationship to your passion in bodybuilding. It can change your relationship to your family and friends. And it can, essentially, change your relationship to the larger community around you.

Ade Rai wants what he gives back to the world to be a byproduct of what he loves. Not a product in and of itself. It’s this philosophy he tries to live by – and hopefully this imparted wisdom can help those in the sport who rise to fame as well.

Wrap Up

As the conversation draws to a close, the audience is left with a profound sense of inspiration and introspection. The insights shared by Mike O’Hearn, Clark Bartram, and Ade Rai transcend the realm of fitness, offering valuable lessons on resilience, purpose, and the enduring power of legacy.

In a world often characterized by fleeting fame and superficial pursuits, The Mike O’Hearn Show reminds us of the importance of striving for something greater. Whether in the gym or in life, Ade Rai’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to leaving a meaningful legacy.

You can watch the full episode above. And make sure to check back every week for new episodes on the Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever podcasts are downloaded.

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