Mike O’Hearn & Clark Bartram sit down with the Indonesian natural bodybuilding icon Ade Rai

In the latest episode of The Mike O’Hearn Show, host Mike O’Hearn, along with special guest co-host Clark Bartram, welcomed a true legend in the world of bodybuilding, Ade Rai. Known as “The Father of Indonesian Bodybuilding,” Ade Rai has not only made a mark in the professional natural bodybuilding scene but has also become a prominent figure in the fitness industry, owning the successful “Rai Fitness” gym chains throughout Indonesia.

Ade Rai, born I Gusti Agung Kusuma Yudha Rai, is an Indonesian professional natural bodybuilder. He has also competed in amateur body building championships such as SEA Games and Asian Games.

Ade Rai is a three-time world natural bodybuilding champion. He is a massive icon and celebrity in Indonesia and has used his platform to also start and expand his own gym chain, known as “Rai Fitness” throughout the country.

Much like Mike O’Hearn, Ade Rai has an incredible physique that many would find impossible to obtain without the use of performance enhancing drugs. Mike and Clark Bartram had the luck to sit down with Ade and discuss his mantra on bodybuilding. Let’s dive into it!


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The Moment Clark Bartram Recognized Ade Rai As A Living Legend

Clark Bartram kicks off the episode by reminiscing about the first time he encountered Ade Rai. As a fellow natural bodybuilder competing in a prestigious competition, Clark was preparing himself mentally to vie for the top position. However, his attention was soon diverted by a commotion in the lobby of the event.

Curious, Clark made his way through the crowd to discover Ade Rai, shirtless, confidently displaying his physique. Even without being pumped up yet for the competition, Ade Rai had already captured the attention of everyone present. Clark recalls the moment when he ceased to be a competitor and transformed into a spectator, utterly in awe of the living legend he was witnessing.

In that moment, Clark Bartram knew instantly that he was witnessing a living legend in Ade Rai. It’s rare that you can be aware in the moment that you are witnessing something iconic. Often times it takes hindsight to separate a legend from regular greatness. But in that moment, for Clark, he knew instantly.

Ade Rai’s Philosophy on Bodybuilding

As the conversation delves deeper, Ade Rai shares his philosophy on bodybuilding. He believes that a bodybuilder is not merely an athlete but a perpetual student. The body, according to Ade Rai, is a canvas, and sculpting a physique is an eternal endeavor. The key to success, he argues, lies in adopting the mentality of a constant student, always open to learning, and committed to perfecting the art of shaping the human body.

The biggest mistake a champion bodybuilder can make is believe that they have become the master. Even after victory, the best success comes when continuing to learn and to maintain the mind of a student. Always learning, no matter how successful you’ve already become.

Ade Rai draws inspiration from the words of Joe Weider, who once proclaimed that bodybuilding is akin to nation-building. Ade Rai interprets this statement as an acknowledgment of the essential role community plays in bodybuilding. A strong body, he asserts, is a product of a robust community surrounding it. Therefore, Ade Rai not only remains a dedicated student but also ensures he contributes positively to the bodybuilding community, fostering a sense of camaraderie and strength within the sport.

The Importance of Community in Bodybuilding

Ade Rai’s emphasis on community resonates with the hosts and listeners of The Mike O’Hearn Show. The discussion delves into the symbiotic relationship between individual bodybuilders and the community that supports them. Mike O’Hearn and Clark Bartram share their own experiences of how the bodybuilding community has been an integral part of their respective journeys.

Ade Rai’s Business Ventures and Legacy

Apart from his achievements in the competitive arena, Ade Rai has also made a significant impact as a successful businessman. The owner of “Rai Fitness” gym chains, including a restaurant, Ade Rai’s entrepreneurial spirit aligns with his commitment to community building. His legacy extends beyond the stage, influencing aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts in Indonesia and beyond.

Wrap Up

This week’s The Mike O’Hearn Show episode featuring Ade Rai offers a captivating insight into the world of natural bodybuilding and the principles that drive a true legend in the field. Ade Rai’s dedication to lifelong learning, commitment to community, and successful business ventures make him an inspiring figure for both seasoned bodybuilders and those embarking on their fitness journey. As the conversation concludes, listeners are left with a renewed appreciation for the art and discipline of bodybuilding, as well as the profound impact it can have on individuals and communities alike.

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