COMPETITOR UPDATE: 2017 Arnold Classic Official Invite List

Arnold Sports Festival has released it’s 2017 Arnold Classic invites.

Believe it or not, we are closing in on that time of the year again – the Arnold Classic Ohio competition is only a few months away. More importantly, the Arnold Sports Festival has officially announced the invites for the 2017 Arnold Classic Ohio competition.

Of course this list is always subject to change – but this will hold us over for now. Here’s a rundown of the invitations:

Arnold Classic (9)

  • Fouad Abiad
  • Lionel Beyeke
  • Maxx Charles
  • Justin Compton
  • Vitaly Fateev
  • Dallas McCarver
  • Cedric McMillan
  • Juan Morel
  • Shawn Rhoden

Arnold Classic 212 (10)

  • Guy Cisternino
  • Charles Dixon
  • David Henry
  • Manual Manchado
  • Jose Raymond
  • Mitchell Staats
  • Zane Watson
  • Quincy Winklaar
  • Kyong Won Kang
  • Hidetada Yamagishi

Fitness International (15)

  • Marta Aguiar
  • Myriam Capes
  • Tiffany Chandler
  • Regiane Da Silva
  • Kristine Duba
  • Fiona Harris
  • Oksana Grishina
  • Whitney Jones
  • Ariel Khadr
  • Dominique Matthews
  • Ashley Sebera
  • Rebecca Sizemore
  • Missy Terwilliger
  • Aurika Tyrgale
  • Bethany Wagner

Figure International (15)

  • Brittany Campbell
  • Natalia Coelho
  • Swann De La Rosa
  • Michele De Silva Pinto
  • Heather Dees
  • Cydney Gillon
  • Stephanie Hammermeister
  • Ivana Ivusic
  • Candice Lewis-Carter
  • Vera Mallet
  • Julie Mayer
  • Krystal Ricci
  • Carly Starling-Horrell
  • Gennifer Strobo

Bikini International (18)

  • Narmin Assria
  • Sara Back
  • Romina Basualdo
  • Bianca Berry
  • Iveth Carreon
  • Natoshia Coleman
  • Marcia Goncalves Anita Herbert
  • Janet Layug
  • Courtney King
  • Stephanie Mahoe
  • Christie Marquez
  • Justine Munro
  • India Paulino
  • Jennifer Ronzitti
  • Michelle Sylvia
  • Angelica Teixeira
  • Elizabeth Yisrael

The big thing to notice is that there is no mention of Kai Greene in the Men’s Open lineup. This might change down the line – but perhaps we won’t get another Cedric McMillan vs Kai Greene face off. If Kai doesn’t stand in his way – it seems there will be nothing stopping Cedric from landing a first place win.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. For now it’s just a list and we’ll have to wait until March to see the actual physiques on stage.

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