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As the Olympia steadily approaches the surprises and shocking turn of events keep on coming. With Kai Greene out of the competition this year there seems to be a feeling that anything can and will happen at the 2015 Event. The disappointment fans are feeling can’t be measured. Nevertheless, as onlookers we have no choice but to move forward and focus on the event itself. Kai Greene’s loss is a huge blow to the spectacle of the competition, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t other intriguing events that will take place over the course of the coming weekend.

With all the hype and lead up to the Olympia focusing on Men’s Open Weight Bodybuilding as well as the newly created Classic Physiques division, it’s easy to forget that there are other categories to be excited for at the ultimate bodybuilding show. The Men’s 212 Division is looking pretty impressive this year. With James “Flex” Lewis dominating the competition it’s hard to see who could possibly be a threat to the 212 king. Even fan favorite and Generation Iron alum Hidetada Yamagishi has had trouble competing against the champion.

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But there would appear to be another 212 competitor that could potential win it all and bring back the bronze Sandow to Asian shores. Kyung Won Kang is a Korean bodybuilder with some massive potential. He has dominated the Korean bodybuilding scene and now has his sights set on conquering the world with an impressive showing at this years Olympia. With such a strong competitor like Flex Lewis, Kang has his work cut out for him. But if his training is any indication, Kang is a master of preparation and could place in the top 5 if not pull off an upset.

Everything Kang does is controlled from the first rep to the last, squeezing his muscles with every completed repetition. With the Olympia around the corner, it seems only time will tell if Kang will prove to be Flex Lewis’ match.

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