14-Year-Old With Heart Defect Dies After Attempting Spicy Chip Challenge

Harris Wolobah died of a heart attack after attempting this tortilla chip challenge.

The cause of death has been revealed for a 14-year-old Massachusetts native who passed away in September. The chief medical examiner’s office determined that Harris Wolobah suffered a heart attack after attempting a spicy tortilla chip challenge.

Wolobah, who had a congenital heart defect, tried the “One Chip Challenge” where people would eat a Paqui tortilla chip that had a high level of a chemical that was found in chili peppers. This particular chip was seasoned with Carolina Reaper pepper and Naga Viper pepper. Paqui pulled the product off shelves in stores following Wolobah’s death.

A spokesperson with a local news outlet about the product.

“While the Paqui one Chip Challenge is intended for adults only, we have seen an increase in teen usage. The product’s label clearly states it is not for children or anyone sensitive to spicy foods or who has food allergies, is pregnant, or has underlying health conditions.”


What Is The “One Chip Challenge”?

The Paqui One Chip Challenge gained plenty of attention on social media last year. The chips, which came in a box shaped like a coffin, were labeled with different warnings, including that they should be kept out of the reach of kids.

The Carolina Reaper pepper is an extremely hot substance on the Scoville scale. It ranks just under pepper spray. The Naga Viper comes in at 1.2 million heat units on the scale, which measures the pungency of peppers and different chilis. According to WBZ-TV, these chips were found at a store that is about 10 minutes away from Wolobah’s high school.

Wolobah’s mother spoke with WBZ-TV, claiming that she received a call from the school after her son passed out after eating this chip. He later passed away in the emergency room after being taken to the hospital.

“I hope, I pray to God, that no parents will go through what I’m going through. I don’t want to see anybody hurting the way I’m hurting. I miss my son so much.”

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