CT Fletcher: Iron Addicts Brand Is Going Out of Business

CT Fletcher gets real about the Iron Addicts brand.

The last few months for CT Fletcher have been truly eye opening. Not only is he facing adversity due to heart related issues, CT Flecther is still having to deal with owning multiple businesses including his famed Iron Addicts Gym.

Besides that, CT Flecther had also ventured into building a supplement brand he could call his own in the hopes of making money through his own hard work. It’s the classic story of the American dream, coming from humble beginnings and picking yourself up from your bootstraps in order to become successful. But doing so can potentially come with pitfalls and not even CT Fletcher is immune.

In a recent video, the “Superman From Compton” goes into detail about the building of the Iron Addicts brand and what to expect going forward.


What do you think of CT Fletcher telling the truth about the Iron Addicts brand?

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