CT Fletcher: Iron Addicts Brand Is Going Out of Business

CT Fletcher gets real about the Iron Addicts brand.

The last few months for CT Fletcher have been truly eye opening. Not only is he facing adversity due to heart related issues, CT Flecther is still having to deal with owning multiple businesses including his famed Iron Addicts Gym.

Besides that, CT Flecther had also ventured into building a supplement brand he could call his own in the hopes of making money through his own hard work. It’s the classic story of the American dream, coming from humble beginnings and picking yourself up from your bootstraps in order to become successful. But doing so can potentially come with pitfalls and not even CT Fletcher is immune.

In a recent video, the “Superman From Compton” goes into detail about the building of the Iron Addicts brand and what to expect going forward.

What do you think of CT Fletcher telling the truth about the Iron Addicts brand?

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  1. This guy spent years belittling people who were overweight or out of shape. Be nice or pay the price.

    • You sound extremely stupid. You should never speak on things that you absolutely know nothing about. Your comment really shows how ignorant you are. He doesn’t belittle people. He encourages them to stop making excuses and to get out of there own way. He gives brutal honesty to people who truly need it. That’s the problem with this world. There’s not enough people, willing to tell someone the truth and you must be one of them, or am I mean as well for telling you the truth about your comment. Praying for you Mr. Fletcher. God bless you sir.

    • Your a dumb fool, and people that are over weight should be told that they are…and I believe he would know dumbass because he use to be that over-weight person…

      He brings great and powerful motivation to people all around the world who gives a “FUCK” about the % of cry babies out there who wants to be lazy and fat…

  2. Belittling? Or motivating? A lot of over weight people changed their mind set and way of life because of C.T.! Including myself.

    • If you think that Mr.C.T. Flecther was faking. Stop Hating. This man walked through life and he lived this life. Give him the respect that he earned himself. Nothing was given to him still yet he gave all of himself to help others. So what if a person was over weight or under weight. He motivate. Stop looking for fault because you and all of have short comings. Some of us need constructive advise. Some of us are self motivative. C.T. has done his job to offer that motivation. You that try to put him down get off your ass and help others. Stop looking for Fault in others.

  3. A great man needs help. Mr. Fletcher is a down to earth, sincere man. Those that think otherwise are ignorant… Hopefully. If they really think that stuff they need more help than C.T. I pray that Mr. Fletcher gets the health and financial assistance that he needs.

  4. Its a shame this has happened to POPS but I know he will get through this in classic CT style. I have complete faith that once the health issues are resolved the Compton Superman will be TAKIN NAMES & KICKIN FUCKIN ASS because no matter what in all aspects of life ITS STILL YOUR MUTHA FUCKIN SET

  5. I like everything CT Fletcher does he motivate me all the time every time I look at his YouTube videos they are amazing and I have nothing wrong to say about that like his slogan say grow m*********** grow you are in my prayers

  6. Mr. Flextcher is one of the most honest people I know. He gives hope and motivation like know one has ever done before. Sir you are an inspiration to all, in the gym and in Life. God has something special plan for you. Keep your faith and let God do the rest. I pray that God continues to bless you and your family just as much as you have bless us with the trues that we needed to hear.

  7. To that fat mother fucker talking shit about C.T… Your one of the pussy behind on the keyboard talking shit!! The only thing you lifting is inside the refrigerator or the fast food joints…

    Mr. Fletcher does encourage people to getting better as well feel better.. Not the way like that pussy ass bitch Don’t worry about it was saying.. Not one time, not one time he stated about your being over weight is sloppy nor unhealthy.. He stated you can do better and stop making mother fuckin excuses that you can’t.. Yes You Can..

    So take that smart remark and shove up right straight up in your ass like real pussy that you are!!


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