Strongman Eddie Hall Suffered Penis Injury, ‘Nearly Bled to Death’

Strongman Eddie Hall was once hospitalized after a malfunctioning leg press dropped weights on his penis.

Yes, you read that right. Famed British strongman Eddie Hall opened up to the Mirror about a workout incident that ended in a crushed penis: “I piled a load of heavy weights on a leg-press machine and then heard a loud thud. It had come crashing down and the weights had landed on my penis. I nearly bled to death.”

Not only did the experience not diminish his desire to compete, it barely slowed him down at all: “I didn’t cry for help though. I just lifted them off, drove myself to hospital and got stitched up. I was back training soon enough.” Eddie Hall is a living legend for going through an experience that would traumatize most men and shrugging it off like that.

Hall is a world-renowned strongman who is more often in the spotlight for his successes in the gym. In the same interview with the Mirror, he claimed to follow an 8,000=calorie per day diet and said he eats a full English breakfast followed by a second breakfast of fruit and porridge every single morning. The massive amount of food he consumes means his family spends an extra £300 ($386) on food per week.

Who does Eddie Hall thank for his success? His wife, Alexandra, who he says oversees his demanding diet regime: “My wife is brilliant and does most of the cooking. She has to cook separately for herself and the kids, and cooking these extra meals for me is constant.”

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