Jay Cutler Recalls Memories With Ronnie Coleman During Career: “There’s A Lot Of Good Ones, We Were Top Two For Years”

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Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman made plenty of memories during their on-stage rivalry.

Jay Cutler enjoyed a successful career on stage that featured many different memories. During his prime, Cutler battled Ronnie Coleman year-after-year and created one of the best rivalries in bodybuilding. During a recent Q&A, Cutler spoke on some of these memories and picked out his favorite ones.

Coleman was at the top of bodybuilding from 1998-2005, winning eight consecutive Olympia titles. This included victories over Cutler. In 2006, Cutler was able to end Coleman’s reign and begin his own stretch of winning four titles in five years.

“Favorite memory with Ronnie Coleman, oh man. There’s a lot of good ones.”

From training to guest posing, Cutler picked out the best moments during his career.

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Jay Cutler Talks Relationship With Ronnie Coleman

The first question asked during this video, which was shared on YouTube, was about Jay Cutler’s favorite memories with Ronnie Coleman. Right away, Cutler mentioned different competitions around the world but highlighted guest posing appearances.

“Obviously competing in Russia. We went to Romania together. I’d probably say the guest poses that we did each year. Probably Pittsburgh every year. Pittsburgh was kind of our final destination, with the. West Coast Classic we did a couple years.”


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Cutler remembers this as the final relaxation point before the full prep began for the Olympia.

“May was the starting point of when I would go home from the Pittsburgh Pro show and start my prep for Olympia. We’d kind of get a look at each other and it was my last relaxation point of our year because we would start training for Olympias right after.

June would be full-tilt prep. We were still in that relaxed state so we’d eat together, we’d train together. I’d kind of get an idea of where his head is at, where my head is at. And remember, we were top two for years so to sit there and be able to relax, have some pizza together, it was a rare occasion.”

The duo of Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman continues to be one of the best on-stage rivalries in bodybuilding history. Off the stage, the two trained together and still continue to hit the gym at a high level.

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