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Let’s take a look back at who placed #1 in each Olympia weekend division.

With the 2014 Olympia weekend only a week away, we decided to take a look back at the results from last year – just to freshen everyone up. Will the results be similar to last year or will a new face rise above to shake things up? Let’s recap to get a better look.

Men’s 212: James Flex Lewis

Generation Iron Flex Lewis 2013

Simply put, Flex Lewis is the king of the 212 competition and in our eyes it seems like that title will remain the same this year. While some may be put off with Lewis baring the same name as the great Flex Wheeler – we personally think he deserves that title. He carried the nickname since he was a kid and it followed him all the way into being a champion.

Women’s Physique: Dana Linn Bailey

Generation Iron Dana 2013

Dana Linn Bailey wasn’t always a Physique competitor. Before the division existed, she competed for years as a figure athlete with mediocre results. But when women’s physique finally opened up she jumped at the shot. Her bigger size and sculpted muscles fit well in that division – awarding her to be the first ever woman to receive a physique pro card. And now last year she was able to land first place at Olympia. Will her amazing rise to power continue this year? We hope so!

Men’s Physique: Mark Anthony Wingson

Generation Iron Mark 2013

This one was a bit of a controversial one. A lot of people felt that Wingson didn’t deserve to win the #1 spot last year. Some people dare say that it’s surprising he could even get top 5. But in the end you can’t argue with the facts. Wingson grabbed the first spot – whether or not he deserved it? Well, let’s see if he can grab it again this year before the comments fly.

Women’s Bodybuilding: Iris Kyle

Generation Iron Iris 2013

Now we’re getting to the heavy hitters. And with Iris Kyle – you don’t get much better than this. Currently, she holds nine overall Ms. Olympia wins along with seven Ms. International wins. Long story short, she’s a well decorated athlete. Could this be the year that Iris is dethroned? It seems pretty tough when you’ve been constantly ranked as the best female bodybuilder of the time.

Men’s Bodybuilding: Phil Heath

Generation Iron Phil Heath 2013

This one doesn’t need an introduction. Phil Heath, The Gift and soon to be legend. A man who seems destined to maintain #1 status and fall into history as one of the greats. Every competition for the past three years Phil Heath has dominated – only to be given a run for his money by constant runner up Kai Greene. As with every year, the question has to be asked: Will Kai dethrone Phil? We’ll soon find out in a week.


So that’s the 2013 recap for Mr. Olympia. Now it’s your guys turn. Let us know who you think will place first in each of these divisions. Just sound off in the comments below. Or you can share your thoughts on our official Facebook and Twitter pages.


All photos courtesy of Bodybuilding.com

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