Generation Iron Road to OlympiaThe ultimate countdown to all things Mr. Olympia.

We’ll be reporting all Olympia weekend – watch this exclusive video of Kai, Phil, Dennis, and more so you can get pumped for September 18th!

Believe it or not, Mr. Olympia is right around the corner. Not only that, but it’s the 50th anniversary of the competition. Everyone here at Generation Iron is super pumped – so pumped in fact that we don’t want to wait until September 18th to see all of the excitement. So we decided to kick off Mr. Olympia early with our Road to Olympia coverage. Providing you with daily news, hype, and entertainment for all things Mr. Olympia as we countdown to the actual competition.

This page will be updated daily, so be sure to keep checking in for all of the newest updates as we pump our way down to the 2014 Mr. Olympia!



September 17th, 2014 – 1 1/2 Days RemainGeneration Iron Phil Heath Olympia Champion

Can Phil Heath be beat at this year’s Olympia competition? Or will he take his fourth Sandow trophy and move up further in the ranks of bodybuilding history? We take a look at the competition and see if anyone has a chance.


September 15th, 2014 – 3 Days RemainGeneration Iron Ronnie Coleman Olympia

It’s the week of Mr. Olympia – so what better way to celebrate than adding a champion level workout into your routine. We breakdown the workout of 8x Olympia champion and arguably the greatest bodybuilder of all time – Ronnie Coleman.


September 11th, 2014 – 7 Days RemainGeneration Iron Big Ramy Olympia

You probably thought we were done with our Olympia Profiles huh? Think we’d end off on the current champ? Well we decided to finish off with, in our opinion, one of the biggest rising stars in bodybuilding right now – and the one person who might have a chance to take the Mr. Olympia throne away from Phil Heath.


September 9th, 2014 – 9 Days RemainGeneration Iron Phil Heath Olympia

Today we highlight the current reigning champion for the past three years at Mr. Olympia. Will this be his fourth win? Or will a new challenger rise up and take the throne? We take a look at Phil’s stats and share our thoughts.


September 8th, 2014 – 10 Days Remain

You’v’e all been waiting for this profile – the one and only Kai Greene. A man of possibly more words than muscles, Kai has always been on of the absolute top contenders for the Sandow trophy – always coming in second to Phil Heath. Could this be the year where that changes? We look through his current stats and take a look.


September 7th, 2014 – 11 Days Remain

Roelly Olympia BannerToday’s Olympia Profile focuses on Roelly “The Beast” Winklaar. A man who exploded onto the scene back in 2009 and hasn’t stopped pushing up towards the top of Olympia since. Will he be able to crack the top five this year? We look through his history and stats to find out.


Flashback Kai Greene BannerWe’re taking another trip back through time to Kai Greene during his past Olympia competitions. The Sandow has always been a trophy that is just out of Kai’s reach. Not much has changed from then to now – he is still the second most likely contender to take down Phil Heath. Could this year be the one? We’re not sure – but for now let’s look back at some classic pictures of Kai kicking ass.


September 6th, 2014 – 12 Days Remain

Six Greatest Olympia Champions BannerOnly thirteen bodybuilders have been able to claim the Mr. Olympia Sandow Trophy. After years of training, posing, and taking down the opposition – the true greats earn the coveted bronze trophy that represents a true champion. We count down the greatest Olympia Champions of all time. Who comes out on top?


September 5th, 2014 – 13 Days Remain

Justin Compton Profile BannerRelative newcomer Justin Compton burst onto the scene this year with his 1st place win at the Europa Orlando but has actually been around for a few years now. He sneaked in like a ninja and emerged this year as an Olympia qualifier for his very first time. How will he place? We look at the stats.


September 4th, 2014 – 14 Days Remain

Branch warren profile BannerToday we profile another one of our Generation Iron cast members – Branch Warren. He is the true depiction of grit and backbone – powering through every workout as hard and dirty as the Metroflex gym in which he trains. Will he be able to rise up from his startling 9th place rank at last year’s Olympia? Let’s check it out.


September 3rd, 2014 – 15 Days Remain

Flashback Phil Heath BannerWith Mr. Olympia only weeks away, we decide to take a look back at the current reigning champ – Phil Heath. We’ve gone through the Generation Iron archives and pulled out some photos of Phil winning Mr. Olympia – back when he had a few less Sandows under his belt. Check it out!


Victor Martinez Olympia Banner

Victor Martinez has been a constant contender in the Mr. Olympia competition only to be stifled by setbacks in the recent half of his career. But the Generation Iron alum seems to be back on track racking up his competition awards. Will he be a wild card in this year’s Olympia? We look through his stats and bio to get a better idea.


September 2nd, 2014 – 16 Days Remain
Steve Kuclo Banner

It’s officially September, which means we are even closer to the Mr. Olympia 2014 competition! Today on the Road to Olympia we are highlighting a relative newcomer to pro status and Mr. Olympia – Steve Kuclo. This will be his second year competing in the Olympia competition. Will he rise up from his 14th place spot? We try to find out by going through his stats and bio.


August 30th, 2014 – 19 Days Remain

Dennis Wolf Strip HeaderToday’s Olympia profile highlights the one and only Dennis Wolf – a Generation Iron alum and one of the current top bodybuilding competitors in the world. Wolf has always been a major contender for the Sandow trophy. Could this be his year? We wouldn’t count him out. Read on to see his stats and our profile of The Big Bad Wolf.


August 29th, 2014 – 20 Days Remain

Dexter Jackson Strip HeaderWe continue our Olympia Qualifier Profiles with Dexter Jackson! In 2008, Jackson surprised everyone when he took the first spot at the Mr. Olympia competition. Basically stealing it away from Mr. O Jay Cutler. He has yet to earn another Sandow since. Could today be his year? Probably not – but we can never quite count him out of the running.


August 28th, 2014 – 21 Days Remain

 Phil Heath b4 Olympia strip Header

Phil Heath recently recorded a video with Flex Online where he opened up about what motivates him with just five weeks before the Mr. Olympia competition. He shares his insights on his fans, his personal struggles, and how he stays strong when the stress starts piling up right before the biggest competitions in the world.

Rhoden Strip Header

Read on as we count down the top qualifying athletes for the Mr. Olympia 2014. Our first Olympia profile focuses on Shawn Rhoden – a man who dispite all the odds has been able to rank towards the top of Olympia stardom. Could today be his year? Read on to get a brief on his competition stats, history, and chances at this year’s Sandow trophy.


August 27th, 2014 – 22 Days Remain

Sandow Strip HeaderThe Sandow Trophy has become an icon representing excellence, Mr. Olympia, and bodybuilding as a whole. But how did the the Sandow become the coveted trophy that all bodybuilding athletes aspire to? We trace back to the origin of the statue and how it became the award that we all know and love.

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