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Today on the Road to Olympia we are profiling another one of our Generation Iron cast members – Branch Warren. Whether it be through pure grit, strength, or power – Warren has always pushed himself to the limits and into the Olympia. Here are his stats:


Nickname: Quadrasaurus
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 252 lbs
Birthdate: February 28th, 1975

2014 Competition History
IFBB Arnold Classic – 6th
IFBB Australia Pro Grand Prix – 4th
IFBB Europa Dallas – 1st

2013 Competition History
IFBB EVLs Prague Pro – 3rd
Mr. Olympia – 9th

“It took me 20 years of hard training to get the physique I have today. What you need is what I had – belief in yourself.”

When one thinks about raw power, grit, and the backbone of America in the bodybuilding world – one probably conjures up the image of Branch Warren. From the hardcore Metroflex Gym he trains at all the way to his grizzled and powerful physique – Branch Warren is not one to be messed with on the bodybuilding stage.

Warren first competed in 1992 when he won the Amateur Athletic Union Teenage Mr. America competition. From then on he was destined for a life in pro bodybuilding. In his career he has often claimed 1st place spots at pro events and often places in the top 5 at Mr. Olympia. Bodybuilding is truly his lifestyle – he is currently married to IFBB pro fitness competitor Trish Warren making for a household dedicated to bodybuilding.

Some may criticize his balls-to-the-wall approach towards working out. But his complete lack of restraint and bull-like energy has lead to a rock hard and truly massive physique. We can’t argue with the results and are excited to see him take the Olympia stage again this year.

Will He Take the Sandow?

It’s been some time since Branch Warren has made it up into the top three at Olympia. Ever since his injury in 2011 he has yet to crack that number. Last year he even placed 9th. Will he grab the trophy? Most likely not. But we would love to see him rise up again into the top three. Here’s to hoping.


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Road To Olympia STRIP


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