Generation Iron Brasil Becomes Media Parter With New Millen Supplements

2019 will be a great year for Brasil with help from New Millen.

The bodybuilding industry outside of the US is getting bigger than ever. Generation Iron has been making it a primary effort to spread the message of bodybuilding across the globe to create a new level of interconnectivity in the sport. And this expansion is thanks in large part due to the great effort of supporting companies within our industry. That’s why we are proud to announce that Generation Iron Brasil has partnered with New Millen in 2019!

New Millen is one of the biggest supplement brands in the market always investing into the future of the sport. Not only have they partnered with GI Brasil but they have also brought their guiding hand into the athletes – as all of their sponsored athletes qualified and competed in the Mr. Olympia 2018.

This kind of investment into the people of bodybuilding helps in our mission to bring more eyes onto talented but relatively unknown athletes on the world state – such as Anne Luis Freitas (Women’s Physique), Michele Belafera (Figure), Elisa Pecini (Bikini) and Thiago Santisteban (Men’s 212).

Generation Iron and New Millen will be working together to insure that athletes from Brasil are not simply seen but also heard while also supporting truly pro level supplements that are essential for any bodybuilder looking to become a champion.

For more information about New Millen, head over to their official website right here and make sure to stay tuned to Generation Iron and Generation Iron Brasil for all of the latest bodybuilding news and entertainment across the world.



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