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The Wolverine shows his claws.

Superheros may be taking over our movie screens and TVs – but there’s one actor who completely bridges the gap between fictional superhero and real life hero. Of course, we are talking about Hugh Jackman. You may remember a few months back that he was completely killing it with his deadlift videos. Well today The Wolverine has hit a brand new personal best.

At 46 years old, the actor took to Instagram and posted his induction into the 1,000 pound club – lifting a 355 lbs squat, 245 lb bench, and 410 lb deadlift all in three hours. It’s an complete understatement to say this is one motivational video. Check it out below:

A video posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

Even if Hugh Jackman claims to be soon leaving the much loved superhero role – the line is becoming increasingly blurred between the actor and the shredded beast that is Wolverine.


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