Generation Iron Hugh Jackman Addicted to Deadlifts

Forget last week’s video. We got more footage of his personal best.

It looks like Hugh Jackman has a bit of a problem. After posting up a video not too long ago about his 435 pound deadlift, Jackman is back with another clip showing him deadlifting his personal best. The X-men star was once again recorded with his dog pound buddies in NYC performing another of the vaunted lifts. Check it out.


My personal best! #AllGain #NoPain

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Now don’t get us wrong, deadlifts are one of the best weight lifting exercises out there, but what about the bench press? What about squats? There are more than just deadlifts to be concerned with for sure. There’s no doubt that he performs more than just deadlifts in the gym, but you’ve gotta wonder what makes this lift his favorite? One thing’s for sure; Jackman has an obsession and it’s likely only growing over time.

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Cover photo courtesy of OmniFeed.

Jonathan Salmon
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