IFBB Iron Games Pro 2018 Results

Bikini competitors and masters stand tall on the bodybuilding stage.

Last night held the IFBB Iron Games Pro 2018 showcasing the best pro Bikini and Bikini Master competitors battle for the number one spots. The results are finally in and we have the full list and score cards below. Brought to you by Gaspari Nutrition:

Bikini Results

1. Jewelyn Merrill
2. Kim Gutierrez
3. Eli Fernandez
4. Eva Saenz
5. Alessa Facchin

Official score card below:

Bikini Masters Results

1. Geri Berger
2. Elisangela Angell
3. Auwana Brown
4. Rachel Nason
5. Robyn Maher

Official Score card below:



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