Iran Female Bodybuilder Arrested For “Un-Islamic Photos’ Of Biceps

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Arrest for being a bodybuilder.

Reports from India Times has revealed that an Iranian bodybuilder has been arrested after posting selfies of her physique on social media. The Islamic Republic deemed these photos to break their strict rules on women and nudity. Apparently these photos were considered to be nudity.

Though unconfirmed at this time, the female bodybuilder in question is believed to be Shirin Nobahari – who has participated in previous international bodybuilding competitions and was already warned about her selfies.

Shirin was jailed after being unable to make bail of two million rials (about $61 USD).

While the selfies in question appear to be very far from nude – “Nude” in this context refers to women not wearing a headscarf, or revealing body parts like arms and legs. So of course, this has basic complications for a bodybuilder. Check out some of Shirin’s recent selfies on Instagram below:

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