Jacare Souza At Peace With His Career: “The Day Things Start Getting Tough, I’ll Stop”

Jacare Souza is at peace.

Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza, 38, has enjoyed one hell of a career, but lately it has been anything but smooth. Last April, the Middleweight contender suffered a torn pec, and shortly after an infected appendix which ended up bursting. In January, he returned to KO Derek Brunson in a cathartic win and now feels he is ready to end his career on top.

“When I’m happy, no one can beat me. So in two fights, I’ll be Middleweight champion of the UFC,” he told MMAJunkie. “It’s just confidence.”

He said that despite some considerations of retirement during his time off, he has complete confidence in his decision to return and take one last crack at the title.

“I don’t really have this problem with the idea of stopping because I don’t want to risk my health. I’d thought about stopping before because I thought maybe I couldn’t fight at a high level anymore. That’s was what made me think about that. The day things start getting tough, I’ll stop.”

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Souza’s next bout will be in two weeks. A May 12th co-headliner at UFC 224 against Kelvin Gastelum in Jacare Souza’s home country of Brazil. He has since relocated for his family and training, and is happy with the change.

“Wherever you throw me, I can handle myself. I left home at 15, so adjusting to new places isn’t that hard. But I’m happy because my family is doing well. They’re doing well. I’m doing well. I found a good place to train, with good people to help me. Good coaches, good training partners, so it’s all been going very well.”

Gastelum is considered the new breed of talent. Jacare admits Gastelum and his breed represent the future of fighting, but believes he himself still represents the present.

“That’s the natural order of things: You leave, and younger people come in. That’s just how life is and I see no problem with that. I just have the conviction and certainty that I can still fight at a high level and that I can still be champion.”

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