Larry Wheels Shows Massive Improvement in Recent Posing Video

Larry Wheels is looking impressive as he pushes to become the World’s Strongest Pro Bodybuilder.

Powerlifting is an entirely different beast than bodybuilding. It’s all about how much weight an individual can heft more than how amazing their physique is. That said, there are certain powerlifters that have been blessed with some incredible genetics, causing their bodies to form aesthetically despite not focusing on bodybuilding. This certainly is the case with champion bodybuilder Larry Wheels.

Hoping to become the World’s Strongest Pro Bodybuilder, Larry Wheels has been pushing himself to the limit with both his powerlifting and bodybuilding training. He recently competed in his first bodybuilding show back in February and showed an impressive form. But that was simply the first step on what is sure to be a much longer journey towards getting his IFBB Pro card.

Now as he preps for his next bodybuilding show, Larry Wheels has been pulling out all the stops. Not only has he worked on improving his physique, but he has also dedicated a large amount of time to perfecting his posing skills as well.

Do you think Larry Wheels will become the World’s Strongest Pro Bodybuilder?

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