Making Unreal Gains, Nathan De Asha Has Put On Ridiculous Size For The Arnold Classic

Naqthan De Asha is looking unreal.

One of the premiere bodybuilders in the game today, Nathan De Asha has proved himself to be a young gun to keep an eye on. Training out of Oxygen Gym, NAthan De Asha has fully dedicated himself to making solid gains to rival the top ten bodybuilders in the world.

While he may not have reached the top five of the division, De Asha has been steadily climbing and is looking to be in impressive condition. The benefits of training at Oxygen Gym means he has no distractions to keep him from falling off of the path of greater muscle.

Since making the decision to train out in Kuwait, Nathan De Asha has made marked improvements and is looking even more massive than ever. With hopes of impressing at the Arnold Classic, De Asha is in the gym nonstop and is even looking like he’s putting on size to rival his stablemates Big Ramy and Roelly Winklaar. The posts he’s been putting up on his Instagram in the past few weeks is proof of his hard work.

How far do you think Nathan De Asha can push his physique?

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