NDO Champ aims to make a massive pro bodybuilding debut in 2024 – and upend the status quo for the top competitors

In the latest episode of the Generation Iron Podcast, special guest host NDO Champ shares his extraordinary journey from adversity to triumph. Alongside hosts Ehsan Farahi, Edwin Mejia Jr., and Vlad Yudin, NDO offers insights into his rise from incarceration to becoming a celebrated figure in the fitness world.

NDO Champ is a well known figure in the bodybuilding world due to his incredible journey to success as well as his memorable and intense personality. While he has not competed in a bodybuilding competition since 2019, NDO has found success as a bodybuilding influencer – most notable for his shocking and often funny viral videos.

With Victor Martinez traveling for the week, NDO Champ steps in as guest host to discuss topics such as his Metaverse boxing match, his daily bodybuilding diet routine, and provides insight into his plan to finally compete in his first pro bodybuilding show in 2024. Let’s dive into it!


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From Adversity to Success, Viral Fame, and Authenticity

NDO briefly recounts his challenging background, including escaping to the United States from a civil war and being incarcerated. Eventually emerging from difficult circumstances to carve out a path to success. Despite facing setbacks, he emphasizes the power of resilience and determination in overcoming obstacles.

The conversation then shifts to NDO’s breakthrough moment—a viral video at Dunkin Donuts that propelled him to fame overnight. He discusses the importance of authenticity in content creation, advising against chasing virality at the expense of genuine passion and connection with one’s audience.

NDO Champ emphasizes that he is passionate about bodybuilding and also enjoys making exciting and funny videos. He taps into an aspect of his personality and over-exaggerates it on camera. He does this not because he wants views but because truly enjoys it. That opens him up to authenticity and a better chance at success. Starting the equation by seeking viral fame first only leads to it feeling forced.

Morning Routine and Mindset

NDO Champ shares his morning routine centered around gratitude and motivation. He highlights the significance of starting each day with a positive mindset, emphasizing the value of conscious investment in personal and professional growth.

Delving into practical advice, NDO Champ says to take the motivation from morning positive affirmations – and use it to create a strategic investment in both finances and social circles.

What do you invest your time into emotionally? Financially? NDO Champ suggests to write it all down or make a mental list. Then decide what can be cut from that list. Then at this point – your output should be a desire to earn double of whatever you are investing in.

This is also true for relationships. Who in your life are you dedicating time to? And does it help improve your situation for success? It’s hard – but NDO Champ stresses the importance of identifying “dead weight” in your life and cutting free from it. Who you spend time with can have a profound and often subconscious effect on your life and ambitions. So surround yourself by people that help foster an environment of success.

NDO Champ’s 2024 Bodybuilding Plan

Looking ahead, NDO reveals his aspirations to return to competitive bodybuilding. Despite earning his pro card in 2019, he has not competed in a single pro show since earning his IFBB Pro card.

Despite this, he remains committed to his craft and aims to make a splash in upcoming pro shows. His plan is to compete in his first pro show this year – with his eye possibly on the Texas Pro show.

He also sends out a warning to the top competitors currently in Men’s Open. He says that he will be putting pressure on the likes of Derek Lunsford, Samson Dauda, Andrew Jacked, and Hadi Choopan.

NDO alludes that the effort he will put into this year will upend all expectations for the sport – and possibly disrupt the top players. At the very least, if he can’t beat them, he hopes to put such pressure on them that everyone steps up their physiques to the next level.

NDO Champ’s Life In Boxing & Calling Out Jake Paul

The conversation takes a detour into NDO’s boxing endeavors, including a recent Metaverse fight. He reflects on his training regimen and hints at future opportunities in the sport, provided the incentives align.

NDO expresses confidence in his boxing abilities, asserting his belief in defeating high-profile opponents. When asked, NDO Champ states confidently that he believes he can beat someone like Jake Paul – who recently was confirmed to be boxing Mike Tyson later this year.

NDO Champ believes that if he was to truly focus his entire prep on fighting Jake Paul – he would be able to rise up and beat him. However, he acknowledges the challenges and sacrifices associated with rigorous training and competition.

NDO Champ’s Diet & Cheat Meals

Sharing insights into his diet, NDO reveals his protein-packed breakfast of 12 egg whites every morning. He notes that back when he was first starting out and working three jobs per day – he would literally drink 12 raw eggs to save time in the morning.

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NDO then goes into the rest of his diet including 2 scoops of MuscleMeds Mass Gainer – which he combines with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, banana, oatmeal, and peanut butter. Then NDO hits the gym. After his workout, he has two scoops of MuscleMeds Lean Meal in water. This is all before the remainder of his meals where he focuses on lean sources of protein as well as a focus on carbs during his bulking phase.

NDO Champ is then asked if he ever indulges in cheat meals. NDO admits that he does and occasional indulges like Wendy’s triple decker burgers for cheat meals. He emphasizes the importance of balance and discipline in maintaining peak performance.

Wrap Up

NDO Champ’s appearance on the Generation Iron Podcast offers a compelling narrative of transformation and perseverance. From overcoming adversity to chasing dreams with unwavering resolve, NDO’s story resonates with audiences as a testament to the power of passion and authenticity in achieving greatness.

You can watch the full episode above. And don’t forget to check back every week for new episodes only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever podcasts are downloaded.

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