Patrick Moore Responds to Sergio Oliva Jr. After His Brutal Assessment of 2019 Olympia Placings

A rivalry is forming ahead of the Arnold Classic.

Ahead of the Arnold Classic there appears to be a bit of a rivalry forming between two of the top competitors in the Open Weight division. It appears that Sergio Oliva Jr., in his usual fashion, gave his unfettered opinion on the 2019 Olympia. Namely, Oliva criticized the athletes who broke the top 10 who now believe themselves a threat to the top of the division.

In a recent interview, Sergio Oliva Jr. gave his assessment on the competitors in the 2019 Olympia and it wasn’t pretty.

“Can we please stop talking about how someone placed something at an Olympia where nobody was there.

“There’s no way in hell that any of the people that placed top 10 at the Olympia (except in the first callout) are going to beat me.”

From the sound of things Sergio Oliva Jr. is feeling extra confident heading into the 2020 Arnold Classic. But a certain competitor has taken umbrage with Olivia’s statements. That competitor is Patrick Moore.

A top prospect with a ton of upside, Patrick Moore has proven himself to be a threatening competitor with the potential to challenge the top of the division. Patrick Moore took Oliva’s comments as a disrespectful attack on the competitors that worked hard to break the top 10 at the 2019 Olympia. Patrick Moore took to Instagram to share his feelings on the matter in a since deleted IG story.

In the story he directly addresses his reaction about a “particular athlete’s” (aka Sergio Oliva Jr.’s) interview where he makes predictions about the upcoming show. Moore reacts by saying it’s not about talk on the stage. All of the “would have” and “should have” talk is waste of time.

Ultimately Moore ends it with a simple but direct sentiment, “Man, just bring it when on the stage. That’s all that matters… just make sure you bring it on show day man.”

It looks like a rivalry is brewing between Patrick Moore and Sergio Oliva Jr. and make no mistake, it will bring extra intrigue to the Arnold Classic.

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